my dark phase

Today I remember a dark phase in my life. So dark I think I would never see light at the end of the tunnel. I was living everyday as if it were going to be my last in the literal sense. I feared death no more wanting nothing than to just die to escape the pain so intense. What led to this dark patch of life? Simply put, wrong thought ,wrong decision. Some month later I got where I got it all  wrong. You see,in this life,there is nothing like something for nothing, nothing!!!. There is always a price for anything worth having. Only if I had known this earlier I would have spared myself  a lot of heartache. I Sold my asset and invested in a “get rich quick” scheme. What a mistake!. Real success takes time my brother. You don’t have to see the abyss of financial pains to learn that. Choose a dream, work at it steadily and decide not to stop until you get it. In time you would have paid the price for your success..


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