wedding! Weddings!! More weddings!!!

Today I was at a wedding ceremony of a friend of mine. In simple words,I am happy for him. A man of his quality deserves a day like this. He was truly honored. Besides, he comes from a family that really embodied what a family is all about which is the  ” peaceful coexistence of all related by blood”. I told another friend of mine that,that the wedding was worth the sacrifices I made for it. But here and there at the wedding,I kept on drawing lessons from the wedding . Who does that? you may be wondering. In the mist of the dine and wine I was digging at the mine of wisdom. Looking at this handsome groom in front of me,I know of certain sisters that would have been here if they have upped their games. You see, sisters,time waits for no man let alone woman,if you see a responsible credible bachelor and he is interested in you, tie him down. If you do,in time you will lie with him in holy matrimony. That is for the sisters, what about the brothers? Looking at this young brother,you will want to be responsible both physically and spiritually. He is. A lawyer in the capital,an elder, what else? He got himself what makes him a catch.So as a brother, my lesson from the wedding is: Make yourself a big catch and you will see your perfect match hopefully.


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