Is education the key to success?

**thinking** yes got where to start from.I happen to be born and brought up by a woman who lacks enough quality and quantity of education. But with the little she got,she was able to use it to earn a little and take care of her three boys. Because of her relative success at achieving that with so little of secular education,she wonders ” what if I had more education,won’t I be more successful? To her,education is probably the only realistic key to success. That made her to invest so much in her boys education. Thank God for her anyway. But thinking, is she really right with her reasoning ? Could she have been more successful if she had a better education ? Probably yes,because we never could tell. But is she also right thinking that education is the only realistic key to success? I bet not. First let check the common history. Mark zuckerbug,bill gates,Steve jobs etc. Those names ring a bell ? Were they successful ? Were they educated secularly? You may probably argue that money is not the only means of measuring success. Yes ,you are right. Check this : Jesus ,Mohammed ,malcom x,mother Theresa,martin Luther king. This names also ring bell right? Were they educated ? Were they rich? Were they successful? I will not answer any of those questions,it is yours to. You see, school does not cut it when it comes to real success. So what does?…I guess I will answer that in my next post.


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