Education,a key to a glorious future

​Education is the key to success,

A key to life,

A door to a better tomorrow.

Constant study,good parents,

willingness to learn and relentless effort

opens the door to a glorious tomorrow

which can’t be shut no matter how hard.

Energy fluctuate,

Government changes,

Beauty fades

Strength fails

but with deligence,hardwork and Grace

I shall sit with the kings and the Great

Author: Mrs Adegoke

Edited by Ogunleye Akinola Alex.


Is secular all there is and matters? 

​There exist  another type of education apart from the secular one we all are used to. The education I am talking about is of more importance than its counterparts. Granted, secular education offers you  wisdom, friends, thinking ability, social skills and practical training, this type of education offers all those and even more. This type of education is no other than ” spiritual education “.

 Just how important is this type of education ? A holy book answers : “….. godly devotion ( which can only be gotten through spiritual education) is beneficial for all things, as it holds promise of the life now and the life that is to come” – 1 Timothy 4:8. That is it. Our very existence, our grasp on the real life depends on this type of education.

Now that we know how important this type of education is, how then can you acquire such education ? Simply 2 timothy 3:16,17 answers : “16 All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness,  17 so that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work.” It is only through the accurate study of the bible can we get spiritually educated.

For benefits of a sound spiritual education check on the part 2 of this article on  by this time next weekend.

Be sure to enjoy the remaining part of your weekend.

10 things you must do every weekend

​Things Every student must do every weekend

Yoh!!! Thank God it is another Friday, an end to another week of academic activities and a starting whistle to a period of temporary rest. But is the weekend just for rest? No. Just like the week is not only for school activities, the week is not only for rest. Here is a bucket list of things every student must try and include in their weekend in no order of importance:

1. Rest, relax and sleep well

2. Revise last week work

3. Complete assignments and projects

4. Take care of yourself 

5. Play…work without play make you a dull boy or girl

6. See films, watch programs, read novels you want to catch up on but can’t have the time  for during the week

7. Spend time with family and friends….life is short my Friend.

8. Spend quality time  with or for God  on your weekends…..he deserves it.

9. Prepare for next week 

10. Please… Add your own…..

Have a nice weekend peeps……..

Wonders never end!! Running can help your grades.

In the run-up to important exams, you can find yourself worrying that all the information you’ve crammed in might not stay in your memory.

But it appears that the answer to retaining information may lie away from the books. New research has shown that going for a run can improve the chances of remembering information in exams.

In the study, the researchers asked 60 men aged 16 to 29 to memorize a range of information, from learning a route on a city map to memorizing German-Turkish word pairs.

They were then split into three groups: one group played a violent computer game, one went for a run and one spent time outside. The researchers then compared how well the people in each group remembered the information they were given.

The results showed that the runners performed best, remembering more after the run than before. Those in the control group fared slightly worse, and the memories of people who played the game were significantly impaired. The research suggests that a student’s choice of activity after a period of learning – such as cramming for an exam – has a direct effect on their ability to remember information.

The researchers behind the new study, from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, say students should do moderate exercise, like running, rather than taking part in a passive activity such as playing computer games if they want to make sure they remember what they learned.

3 Lessons from stamford brigde.


Now that the euphoria and the emotions of last evening Chelsea’s scintillating demolition of mourinho’s side  are down a bit, let draw on the lessons learnt as students from that encounter.

LESSON 1: There is nothing like a defensive approach to studies.

Yes, that is the first place mourinho got it all wrong. He was being his usual self by trying to be first defensive then later on, depending on the nature of the game switch to a more attacking pattern. He was not being  retroactive thereby lacking a quality of a good student. As a student, you can’t be a “mourinho”. You can’t study to avoid failing. If you do that, you will end up been an average or outrightly failing. You study to pass!. You study to win!!. That is the mentality of a ” special student”.


Although Conte lost in lack lustre manner to rivals Liverpool and Arsenal, he  did not gave up. After persistent efforts, he got his winning formulae back. His secrets? According to him, they must continue to work hard. Only through work can they improve. You heard that? There is only one way to improving your academic performance. And that is by working hard

LESSON 3: Don’t just go to school, let school pass through you

After the game, mourinho had something to tell conte. He did that not in English but in Italian. Where did he learnt that? Probably from this time at inter. So as a igbo student who is studying in the west, do you take the time to learn the youruba language? Or as a Yoruba student studying in the north, do you take the time to learn the Hausa language? Please do!, one day you might need to impress an interviewer with that language or even want to communicate effectively with it like mourinho did.



So I finally got time to write on this topic right? Is it possibly the recession to be blamed for the lack of enough time to write ? This days virtually everything is blamed on the recession. Hey!! stop casting blame but instead  try and frame yourself up to cope with the situation. How can your cope with education in this time of recession? Here are five tips.

1. Cut your coat according to your size.

Recently I heard some parent writing undertaking at a private university to pay their wards school fees at a later time because they don’t have enough funds to pay for now. Must they send their children to expensive schools if they can’t afford it? send your wards to schools you can afford, they write the same external examinations everywhere.

2. Avoid luxuries.

This is same as sticking with the necessaries. A decent smart phone is necessary but an I phone is a luxury. A decent off campus hostel is perhaps necessary but a state of the art hostel might be too much. Remember, stick to the basics!

3. Avoid short cuts to success

Short cuts? We know them. Taking ijmb classes worth hundreds of thousands of naira when you can just take jamb and secure an admission. Bribing lecturer, paying machineries e.t.c all slim down pockets. Short cuts are more expensive. Tell me a cheap one.

4. Have a side hustle.

This is for the student mainly. Gone are the days where people are ready to help you out o. Even for our parents, they can’t provide us everything we need. So why not try and make some money for yourself to augment your allowances from your parents. You will feel more responsible.

5. You can get motivation from the recession.

In the battle for survival, only the fittest survives in trying circumstances. Choose to be a survivor. Choose success and one day you will be rewarded.

Spiritual progress


From a symbolic bag containing a lot of topics which are particularly finger catching for me to type on, I had to choose this very one. I guess my foregone alternative hot topics such as : ” Education in this time of recession ” and ” Mindset of successful people to Change” to mention just a few will have to wait to a latter time. One reason I am deciding to dwell on this topic is that it probably has a spiritual advantage over others which I can’t overlook.

So to simplify my presentation, it is going to be in a question and answer format.

#1. What is spiritual progress?

Ans1. Spiritual advancement or progress is the making of a continual effort to improve on the quality and quantity of ones service to God.

#2. How can one make spiritual progress?

Ans2. By developing nice spiritual qualities, working hard at any assignment or project given to you and by relying on Jehovah.

3. What particular aspect of our service might need improvement?

Ans3: The field ministry is definitely an aspect of our service to God that all witnesses of Jehovah can seek improvement in.

#4. What help has God given us to help us make spiritual progress?

Ans4: The Bible is a good workbook for us to work with as we do our very best in his service. The Elders in the congregation can also be of assistance. And of course we have the wonderful gift of prayer to ask for God’s holy spirit to help us out.

#5. What blessings are there as we make spiritual progress?

Ans5: so numerous to count, for one we have the privilege of tasting firsthand that Jehovah is good, we help others come to an accurate knowledge of the truth, we serve as encouragement for those who think they can do more in Jehovah’s service and the love and respect our brothers have for us we increase.
May all of us keep on trying to make spiritual advancement as there continue to more needs to be met in several congregations of Jehovah’s witnesses worldwide.
Great week ahead.