Spiritual progress


From a symbolic bag containing a lot of topics which are particularly finger catching for me to type on, I had to choose this very one. I guess my foregone alternative hot topics such as : ” Education in this time of recession ” and ” Mindset of successful people to Change” to mention just a few will have to wait to a latter time. One reason I am deciding to dwell on this topic is that it probably has a spiritual advantage over others which I can’t overlook.

So to simplify my presentation, it is going to be in a question and answer format.

#1. What is spiritual progress?

Ans1. Spiritual advancement or progress is the making of a continual effort to improve on the quality and quantity of ones service to God.

#2. How can one make spiritual progress?

Ans2. By developing nice spiritual qualities, working hard at any assignment or project given to you and by relying on Jehovah.

3. What particular aspect of our service might need improvement?

Ans3: The field ministry is definitely an aspect of our service to God that all witnesses of Jehovah can seek improvement in.

#4. What help has God given us to help us make spiritual progress?

Ans4: The Bible is a good workbook for us to work with as we do our very best in his service. The Elders in the congregation can also be of assistance. And of course we have the wonderful gift of prayer to ask for God’s holy spirit to help us out.

#5. What blessings are there as we make spiritual progress?

Ans5: so numerous to count, for one we have the privilege of tasting firsthand that Jehovah is good, we help others come to an accurate knowledge of the truth, we serve as encouragement for those who think they can do more in Jehovah’s service and the love and respect our brothers have for us we increase.
May all of us keep on trying to make spiritual advancement as there continue to more needs to be met in several congregations of Jehovah’s witnesses worldwide.
Great week ahead.


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