3 Lessons from stamford brigde.


Now that the euphoria and the emotions of last evening Chelsea’s scintillating demolition of mourinho’s side  are down a bit, let draw on the lessons learnt as students from that encounter.

LESSON 1: There is nothing like a defensive approach to studies.

Yes, that is the first place mourinho got it all wrong. He was being his usual self by trying to be first defensive then later on, depending on the nature of the game switch to a more attacking pattern. He was not being  retroactive thereby lacking a quality of a good student. As a student, you can’t be a “mourinho”. You can’t study to avoid failing. If you do that, you will end up been an average or outrightly failing. You study to pass!. You study to win!!. That is the mentality of a ” special student”.


Although Conte lost in lack lustre manner to rivals Liverpool and Arsenal, he  did not gave up. After persistent efforts, he got his winning formulae back. His secrets? According to him, they must continue to work hard. Only through work can they improve. You heard that? There is only one way to improving your academic performance. And that is by working hard

LESSON 3: Don’t just go to school, let school pass through you

After the game, mourinho had something to tell conte. He did that not in English but in Italian. Where did he learnt that? Probably from this time at inter. So as a igbo student who is studying in the west, do you take the time to learn the youruba language? Or as a Yoruba student studying in the north, do you take the time to learn the Hausa language? Please do!, one day you might need to impress an interviewer with that language or even want to communicate effectively with it like mourinho did.


3 thoughts on “3 Lessons from stamford brigde.

  1. Great piece man. True lessons. Another to be learnt is this: You do not need the most expensive textbook to pass an exam, u just need the text with the essentials. Saying this with Pogba as a case on point. Never judge a textbook by it’s hype.


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