What are your plans for the holidays? 

Yaargah… The holidays are here again… Thank God it is oooo. I can’t just sum up how happy I am. And I plan to slay it. I plan to enjoy it to the fullest… Don’t worry, when It is time, you will know that I really mean business. 

You who is reading this post, what are your plans for the holidays?  If you don’t have a plan yet, go and get one ooo…

Till then. 


Just how bad do you need that thing ?

Just how bad do you want that thing? 

Until you can answer that  very question, you will not most likely get it. What can you give in exchange for it?  What measure of comfort and convenience can you sacrifice for it? What price are you ready to pay for that thing you desire so much? 

Given that we might sometimes be limited by circumstances and resources, we need to cultivate that desire for that thing until we can no longer think of what our lives  will be without it. 

You see, a man can get anything he covets in life. Yes absolutely anything. But that is only if he is ready to give up everything for it. 

In summary, if you want to achieve any feat, first Know what it is you want to achieve, second determine the price for that thing and third and most important step, pay the price. 


Hind view of the Hostel  Hustle

​I had planned to first pen down my thoughts in writing before transferring them into my phone but the weekend was just too short  that I just have to make do with punching my opinions using my phone keyboard. The reason is that with the annoyance in me, punching my phone keyboard might actually damage my precious phone. Lols how will I make my next post? In this economy, can I get another one quickly when I forgot one phone in the repairer shop because of just 2000 ? So now I am having to put my emotion in check for the ultimate good. 

What is even annoying me? It is nothing but the hostel Hustle that the students of university of ilorin are facing now. Why the concerns? Bro I am not a student who is having to undergo serious queueing in both challenge and the School park at either end of an academically stressful day. I am neither a parent who is having to spend ridiculous amount on the transportation of my ward. I am just a concerned Ex – unilorite  for now who hears  and sees students suffering of the incapability of his Alma Mata to solve the hostel problem.
If the school is finding it hard to solve it’s problem, how will they be able to impart problem solving capacity to students of my dear school? Instead of solving the problem, they are actually adding to it. How?  Keep on reading. 
The school portal is faulty, they decided to ignore it or better expressed, patch it. They did the quick thing. Why not spend  the needed time and resources to put the portal back In shape? Now the portal, messed up, the hostels, in chaos. Only if they had reasoned better could they have realized that a good portal system make things easier in the running of the university. So where do they spend their money ? On beautifying car parks. If you have  the capacity to heal a cripple and you ended up giving him a cool cripple bicycle,  please judge yourself?  That is exactly what the university is doing or have done. 

Then I heard of the ballot solution. Lols, every right thinking Nigerian know that that one will never work.  How will it?  Where will it?  In Nigeria?  The system should known better.  When as a person I have not seen a single friend picked a single “yes” in the ballot , how will I have faith in the system? 
I am not here to just backlash the institution, I only want to readjust the mentality  from a quick fix solution and misdirected efforts to solve the problem. 

We need more viable solutions to our problem with the hostels.  God bless me,  God bless my Unilorin.

I drop my phone. 

Fun Sunday 

Have you ever been in that funny moment where you go to visit a friend in his classroom and A teacher walks in and tells everyone to kneel down? I have , infact I have many times. In those times, I feel bad. If you have been in that situation too, feel free to share how you felt too. 


Hello buddies.How was your exams last week? Hope you slayed it? I pray you did. Yarrgah, It is quite painful we will just be starting our own exams in my school next week. If we are in the same boat, please go through our posts last week with examinations as it theme. 

Yes, a step in the right direction. You see, it does not matter how far you have gone in life. All that matter is how well you are going to your destination. By your destination, I mean your grand purpose in life, your ultimate goal. It does not matter how fast you are moving, all that matters is that you are taking definite steps in the right direction. 

So this weekend, ask yourself, how well am I reaching my goals?, Do I even have Goals? Have I a perception of my purpose in life?  If I do, Am I taking steps in the right direction? 

Always remember that the greatest loss is not death, it is the purposeful life we lose living.

Enjoy your weekend.

An Examination to remember 3

For me, this examination was a confidence boost, a self esteem builder and a “I can do anything ” feeling giver.  You are wondering why the exaggeration right? Read through my story and see that my expressions are not hyperbolic neither are they euphemistic. 

This examination was the GCE. My first ever external examination as a senior secondary school student. This time around I was with a couple of friends. It was FGC ilorin. I was virtually in SSS2. The subject was physics practical.  I was going to the exam hall and I had no calculator. It was not a biology exam ooo, it was a physics exam . And I was without a calculator. I could as well not have a Biro because of what use is the Biro without a calculator?

Since I was with a couple of friends, I was of the idea that I will attach with a friend who would be borrowing me calculator in the examination hall. So I felt everything will be alright. I guess I was mistaken. I never remembered an invigilator will be in hall making sure that we don’t converse in the hall. What a costly oversight!  The moment I borrowed the calculator for the first time , I was caught.  

Yeeh mogbe… I was sent to the fore front near the wall. I was quarantined so to speak. What will I do?  How will I do a physics practical without a calculator?  I realized  I should have been asking myself those questions before entering into the examination hall. 

I have been hearing that one does not know how strong one is until been strong is the only option one has, that day I was taught that I didnt know smart I was until been smart was the only option I had left. For me, failing was not an option. 

So I tore the back of question paper and made a calculator out of it. Wait, I was not a magician oo. I simply solved every imaginable calculation on paper. This was no small feat o. If you are a science student, you will undestand what I am saying.  If you are not,  share this story with a science student and he will explain to you the mountain I surmounted. 

I got my tables, plotted my graph, calculated the slope, answer all additional questions of a physics practical exam without a calculator. That was the power of desperation. 

When the result came out I was happy to have a C in that subject. Though I failed chemistry in that exam, thereby rendering the result unusable, I really liked that result. That result made me know that one can do anything one set his mind to do.

One does not know how capable one is until you exert oneself. You don’t know how strong, smart and brilliant you are until you exert yourself. So I am challenging you to push yourself, I am challenging you to exert yourself and you will be surprised at the level of success you will achieve. 

The world is yours to conquer. 

An Examination to remember 2.

Sequel to the experience yesterday where I almost missed an examination  due to sleep debt, I am going to share another experience where I actually missed an examination due to another reason. Hey! Stop wondering which kind of student I was. I am not that unserious ooo, I just had my own fair share of stories. Like I said yesterday, the pressure we students of university of ilorin are subjected to can boil yam,i had two exams on the same day. One of them was mcb208, the other I have forgotten. I guess you don’t always remember things that did not either bless you or teach you a lesson. 

So I did the first one in the morning and had to separate myself from my peers to revise for the second. I actually did not write my timetable but I thought I saw mcb208 slated for 3 00pm. Who does that? Which kind of student would not write his timetable but instead try to memorize it? I was that kind of unserious student ooo. Unknown to me it was mat208 I saw thinking that I saw mcb208. The real mcb208 had been slated for 12 30pm. In brief, it therefore meant that when my peers were writing their examination, I was revising for that examination.

I was rudely awakened from my slumber when I saw the deserted examination hall but it was just too late. I had to rewrite the examination as a makeup. I was only lucky to have been permitted to do that because the law states that it is only on the ground of ill health that one can be able to do so. 
# lesson from the story

1. Never leave the company of your colleagues during examination. Those guys serve as a compass for you at those times. Even if you have to revise for an examination, do it with them. Chances are that they might have read something you have not gotten read. 

2. Take your examinations serious. Write your timetable. It keep you abreast of the time to be in an examination hall. Don’t try and be a scofield. 

 Do you have any funny stories  too?  Feel free to share…. 

Is An A not an A?

Lols, have you ever heard someone telling you when you were in the university that he has a strong 2.1? Please do we have a weak 2.1? Is 2.1 not 2.1? Funny enough, I have not heard someone tell me he has a strong first class. Maybe they know a First Class is a First Class. So why then must we have a strong 2.1 and a weak 2.1? Please your thought on this…….. 

An Examination to remember

This reminds of a funny experience I had when I was in the university. Ever been to university of ilorin?  If you had been there, you will know that it is better by far than most universities not just in academics but in the level of stress their students undergo. Everything about the school is stress. Lectures, transports and even examinations all come with stress. If you are a soft fresher, brazen up, no time for softness. 

But one thing about me is that I live life based on my own terms. You can just stress me up unelse I choose to be stressed. I used to have this lecture by 8 00 am on every Thursday morning. The lecture was the only one in every week for phy 142. So if you miss it,  you have missed an entire week’s work in that course . I live very far from the school so being in this class was a real challenge for me. I missed most of these classes. So when it was time for examinations, all I did was photocopy a note to read. I did not read the course immediately so I kept the note in my shelf. I was thinking of reading it a night to the exam. 

Alas!!! The timetable came out. I was having an examination every day of the week for the period of eight days. What will I do?  How do I prepare?  Funny enough, I don’t prepare for exams until it is right on me. So a night to the first exam I did not sleep a dime. A night to the second exam, I did not sleep a kobo either. I was suffering from 48hour sleep deprivation. I could only manage a doze in the car enroute to school. 

A night to the third examination which was phy142, I was already wholing nature too much I had to pay almost immediately. Remember, I was studying things new to me, I had not been attending this class, I had not even read anything for this examination and there I was, unprepared and owing a lot of debt of sleep. So I bargained with nature that I will 3hours of sleep back. I thought we had an agreement so I decided to pay. I never knew that that was not so. Nature forced me to pay the whole debt at once. I woke up at exactly 7:10 a.m. I don’t want to dwell on some other funny part of this waking up. The examination was by 8:00 a.m.

Who gives a damn about preparations!! I quickly got out of bed, prepared physically for school and rushed to school. I could not read anything. My brain was blank. All I could think of was to get to school right in time. 

So I got to the examinations which was 💻  based. I did my best and when the results came out, I had a………. Lols never mind.

Do you have an opinion on this my story? 

Do you want to get the full gist?  

Drop your comments and indicate your whatsapp number or your email. 

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Examination Things 

Been a while followers of my blog… Really sorry of my inactivity. Thank God I am back anyway.. So how has been your academics?  I hope it has been Great..Well, this post is for secondary and primary school students who are most likely either starting examinations today or preparing very soon for their examinations. I want to share with you good tips for your success in any examination.

  1. Although, you should have been preparing for the examinations since like three weeks ago, a night before every examinations is the best time for revision . Go over your notes once more, try and recap what you have read and make sure you write them down. Findings show that you tend to remember things that you wrote out off hand because you know them . The best time to do this is before you sleep at the hour of 10 00 pm. 
  2. Heard that? 10 00 pm it is. 10 00 is your sleep time. Reading after this time is usually counterproductive especially for an examination. Sleeping is good for your memory. It helps your brain rest well. It makes what you have read the previous night stick better.. Please just try it and give me the feedback. Read before 10 00 pm, sleep by them and wake by 4 00 am. This is a magic time table I bet. 
  3. By 4 00 am when you wake, you can solve past questions. Try and see your strength and weaknesses . If any “i” needs dotting please do dot. If it is a “t” that needs crossing please do dot. Do your final preparations and prepare for school quite early.. It is not good to rush to examinations. It puts you in stressing circumstances .
  4. Teach someone the things you have read for the examination, it helps you also while you are helping others. Stay in the midst of those who ask questions and provides answers. You will find that there are some things you can learn there too.
  5. Go for your examinations and dazzle… You have prepared for your examinations… Check on our future posts say tomorrow for more tips.                                   To your success