Morals first or knowledge first?

​In the school I teach, there is this part of our morning assembly that I like so much. That part teaches valuable moral lessons. We call it ” moral talk “. This part of the assembly to me is as important as any of the other lessons thought in various classes for the day if not even more important.

 Granted, I am no Ghandi but I do know that an holy book says that money is good but the benefit of wisdom is that it preserves alive its owner. Good enough wisdom can only be gotten through the inculcation of moral an not the accumulation of knowledge.

Another saying has it that beauty can only make a girl a queen but character makes her stay one. So if you like have the beauty of a sunflower and the knowledge of Einstein, if you don’t have the trivial of all morals, you definitely ain’t staying at any position you get yourself to.

That is the main reason why the board of education have deemed it fit to include civic education and moral instruction as a part of the school curriculum. Good step. That is why some schools like mine include moral talk to their assembly program every morning. That is even better.

But the best step I have heard of is that I hear they do in Japan. Japanese don’t allow students to write exams not until they are ten. The reason? They use their early formative years to inculcate morals not waiting until they are dry fishes so to speak. Great one. I think this method of education should be applied all over the world especially in Nigeria where morals is a rare commodity.


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