So I am deciding to write on the passing out parade just done yesterday. Congratulations to all and sundry who I know passed out yesterday. I wish you guys all the best in the future. With those certificates you are holding with joy, you will get things done that will fill you with with more joy. Amen. 

There is  this question that you might probably be asked from now on. Someone who have not seen you for a while might just ask if you are done with your studies. Maybe you have even been asked before. How did you answered? Or better how should you answer?

My take is that one does not ever finish with studies. You can only progress to a next stage. The day one finishes is the day one dies.

So what is the next phase with your certificates ?  Yes..three things you can learn

You can learn to be own boss by starting up your own business. There is no better path that is as rewarding as that. I think the SAED program should have helped you a bit in this direction. For all those who choose this path, the sky is your starting point

Another point is that you can learn skills that will make you more employable. Are you a computer literate ? Can you up your marketing skill ? Can you create a good resume? With a lot of unemployable graduates all around, these skills will surely bring you closer to your dream job.

finally you can decide to further your studies. A PGDE , a masters is not out of place in today’s competitive world. 

To your success ……


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