Examination Things 

Been a while followers of my blog… Really sorry of my inactivity. Thank God I am back anyway.. So how has been your academics?  I hope it has been Great..Well, this post is for secondary and primary school students who are most likely either starting examinations today or preparing very soon for their examinations. I want to share with you good tips for your success in any examination.

  1. Although, you should have been preparing for the examinations since like three weeks ago, a night before every examinations is the best time for revision . Go over your notes once more, try and recap what you have read and make sure you write them down. Findings show that you tend to remember things that you wrote out off hand because you know them . The best time to do this is before you sleep at the hour of 10 00 pm. 
  2. Heard that? 10 00 pm it is. 10 00 is your sleep time. Reading after this time is usually counterproductive especially for an examination. Sleeping is good for your memory. It helps your brain rest well. It makes what you have read the previous night stick better.. Please just try it and give me the feedback. Read before 10 00 pm, sleep by them and wake by 4 00 am. This is a magic time table I bet. 
  3. By 4 00 am when you wake, you can solve past questions. Try and see your strength and weaknesses . If any “i” needs dotting please do dot. If it is a “t” that needs crossing please do dot. Do your final preparations and prepare for school quite early.. It is not good to rush to examinations. It puts you in stressing circumstances .
  4. Teach someone the things you have read for the examination, it helps you also while you are helping others. Stay in the midst of those who ask questions and provides answers. You will find that there are some things you can learn there too.
  5. Go for your examinations and dazzle… You have prepared for your examinations… Check on our future posts say tomorrow for more tips.                                   To your success 

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