An Examination to remember

This reminds of a funny experience I had when I was in the university. Ever been to university of ilorin?  If you had been there, you will know that it is better by far than most universities not just in academics but in the level of stress their students undergo. Everything about the school is stress. Lectures, transports and even examinations all come with stress. If you are a soft fresher, brazen up, no time for softness. 

But one thing about me is that I live life based on my own terms. You can just stress me up unelse I choose to be stressed. I used to have this lecture by 8 00 am on every Thursday morning. The lecture was the only one in every week for phy 142. So if you miss it,  you have missed an entire week’s work in that course . I live very far from the school so being in this class was a real challenge for me. I missed most of these classes. So when it was time for examinations, all I did was photocopy a note to read. I did not read the course immediately so I kept the note in my shelf. I was thinking of reading it a night to the exam. 

Alas!!! The timetable came out. I was having an examination every day of the week for the period of eight days. What will I do?  How do I prepare?  Funny enough, I don’t prepare for exams until it is right on me. So a night to the first exam I did not sleep a dime. A night to the second exam, I did not sleep a kobo either. I was suffering from 48hour sleep deprivation. I could only manage a doze in the car enroute to school. 

A night to the third examination which was phy142, I was already wholing nature too much I had to pay almost immediately. Remember, I was studying things new to me, I had not been attending this class, I had not even read anything for this examination and there I was, unprepared and owing a lot of debt of sleep. So I bargained with nature that I will 3hours of sleep back. I thought we had an agreement so I decided to pay. I never knew that that was not so. Nature forced me to pay the whole debt at once. I woke up at exactly 7:10 a.m. I don’t want to dwell on some other funny part of this waking up. The examination was by 8:00 a.m.

Who gives a damn about preparations!! I quickly got out of bed, prepared physically for school and rushed to school. I could not read anything. My brain was blank. All I could think of was to get to school right in time. 

So I got to the examinations which was 💻  based. I did my best and when the results came out, I had a………. Lols never mind.

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2 thoughts on “An Examination to remember

  1. Chai! I remember those days well. Almost missed an examination too in 100l. I was eating when I got a call that my department had been called in for the CBT exam. You can only imagine the rest… I wished for wings to fly that day. Part of the fun and experience of school life.

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    1. Lols.. Thanks for sharing one of your funny examination gist with us… As for me, I missed an examination because I was reading for the examination without knowing my mates were already writing that same examination. I had to apply for a make up which I did alone…. Like you said it is part of the fun experience..


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