An Examination to remember 2.

Sequel to the experience yesterday where I almost missed an examination  due to sleep debt, I am going to share another experience where I actually missed an examination due to another reason. Hey! Stop wondering which kind of student I was. I am not that unserious ooo, I just had my own fair share of stories. Like I said yesterday, the pressure we students of university of ilorin are subjected to can boil yam,i had two exams on the same day. One of them was mcb208, the other I have forgotten. I guess you don’t always remember things that did not either bless you or teach you a lesson. 

So I did the first one in the morning and had to separate myself from my peers to revise for the second. I actually did not write my timetable but I thought I saw mcb208 slated for 3 00pm. Who does that? Which kind of student would not write his timetable but instead try to memorize it? I was that kind of unserious student ooo. Unknown to me it was mat208 I saw thinking that I saw mcb208. The real mcb208 had been slated for 12 30pm. In brief, it therefore meant that when my peers were writing their examination, I was revising for that examination.

I was rudely awakened from my slumber when I saw the deserted examination hall but it was just too late. I had to rewrite the examination as a makeup. I was only lucky to have been permitted to do that because the law states that it is only on the ground of ill health that one can be able to do so. 
# lesson from the story

1. Never leave the company of your colleagues during examination. Those guys serve as a compass for you at those times. Even if you have to revise for an examination, do it with them. Chances are that they might have read something you have not gotten read. 

2. Take your examinations serious. Write your timetable. It keep you abreast of the time to be in an examination hall. Don’t try and be a scofield. 

 Do you have any funny stories  too?  Feel free to share…. 


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