An Examination to remember 3

For me, this examination was a confidence boost, a self esteem builder and a “I can do anything ” feeling giver.  You are wondering why the exaggeration right? Read through my story and see that my expressions are not hyperbolic neither are they euphemistic. 

This examination was the GCE. My first ever external examination as a senior secondary school student. This time around I was with a couple of friends. It was FGC ilorin. I was virtually in SSS2. The subject was physics practical.  I was going to the exam hall and I had no calculator. It was not a biology exam ooo, it was a physics exam . And I was without a calculator. I could as well not have a Biro because of what use is the Biro without a calculator?

Since I was with a couple of friends, I was of the idea that I will attach with a friend who would be borrowing me calculator in the examination hall. So I felt everything will be alright. I guess I was mistaken. I never remembered an invigilator will be in hall making sure that we don’t converse in the hall. What a costly oversight!  The moment I borrowed the calculator for the first time , I was caught.  

Yeeh mogbe… I was sent to the fore front near the wall. I was quarantined so to speak. What will I do?  How will I do a physics practical without a calculator?  I realized  I should have been asking myself those questions before entering into the examination hall. 

I have been hearing that one does not know how strong one is until been strong is the only option one has, that day I was taught that I didnt know smart I was until been smart was the only option I had left. For me, failing was not an option. 

So I tore the back of question paper and made a calculator out of it. Wait, I was not a magician oo. I simply solved every imaginable calculation on paper. This was no small feat o. If you are a science student, you will undestand what I am saying.  If you are not,  share this story with a science student and he will explain to you the mountain I surmounted. 

I got my tables, plotted my graph, calculated the slope, answer all additional questions of a physics practical exam without a calculator. That was the power of desperation. 

When the result came out I was happy to have a C in that subject. Though I failed chemistry in that exam, thereby rendering the result unusable, I really liked that result. That result made me know that one can do anything one set his mind to do.

One does not know how capable one is until you exert oneself. You don’t know how strong, smart and brilliant you are until you exert yourself. So I am challenging you to push yourself, I am challenging you to exert yourself and you will be surprised at the level of success you will achieve. 

The world is yours to conquer. 


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