Hind view of the Hostel  Hustle

​I had planned to first pen down my thoughts in writing before transferring them into my phone but the weekend was just too short  that I just have to make do with punching my opinions using my phone keyboard. The reason is that with the annoyance in me, punching my phone keyboard might actually damage my precious phone. Lols how will I make my next post? In this economy, can I get another one quickly when I forgot one phone in the repairer shop because of just 2000 ? So now I am having to put my emotion in check for the ultimate good. 

What is even annoying me? It is nothing but the hostel Hustle that the students of university of ilorin are facing now. Why the concerns? Bro I am not a student who is having to undergo serious queueing in both challenge and the School park at either end of an academically stressful day. I am neither a parent who is having to spend ridiculous amount on the transportation of my ward. I am just a concerned Ex – unilorite  for now who hears  and sees students suffering of the incapability of his Alma Mata to solve the hostel problem.
If the school is finding it hard to solve it’s problem, how will they be able to impart problem solving capacity to students of my dear school? Instead of solving the problem, they are actually adding to it. How?  Keep on reading. 
The school portal is faulty, they decided to ignore it or better expressed, patch it. They did the quick thing. Why not spend  the needed time and resources to put the portal back In shape? Now the portal, messed up, the hostels, in chaos. Only if they had reasoned better could they have realized that a good portal system make things easier in the running of the university. So where do they spend their money ? On beautifying car parks. If you have  the capacity to heal a cripple and you ended up giving him a cool cripple bicycle,  please judge yourself?  That is exactly what the university is doing or have done. 

Then I heard of the ballot solution. Lols, every right thinking Nigerian know that that one will never work.  How will it?  Where will it?  In Nigeria?  The system should known better.  When as a person I have not seen a single friend picked a single “yes” in the ballot , how will I have faith in the system? 
I am not here to just backlash the institution, I only want to readjust the mentality  from a quick fix solution and misdirected efforts to solve the problem. 

We need more viable solutions to our problem with the hostels.  God bless me,  God bless my Unilorin.

I drop my phone. 


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