Feeling lyrical on Friday 

​Feeling lyrical this Friday, so I decided to drop this freestyle. 
I am tired of these. 

Tired of what? Tired of the ladies. 

All they are ever after is the  money in  various currencies:

the pounds, dollars, naira and even the cedis. 

Oh! Am I the only thinking this? 

Or has this too ever come to your notice ?
See them wearing undies in clothes disguise,

ready to pull off just for their guys to please. 

And when the guys threatens,

they are left with the sole option to go down on their knees.

What a pity! 

What price can one place on one’s self dignity?

Sis, you might think this as a diss 

but please the truth in it, do not miss. 
Please, Sis ,your self esteem , do try to heighten 

Act like a  lady. 

Like a man, be real!

And decide not to settle for anything apart from the real deal. 
This is the truth I choose to speak.

Written by Ogunleye Akinola Alex 

Author of Ogunleyeakinola’s Blog



Friday Fact

Today’s Friday Fact is based on perception. The fact of the matter is that most times, we see an object the way we want to see it. We think of an idea the way we choose to think it. This can either by shaped by our preference or our experience.  

This claim has  been supported by both Human biology and quantum physics. Human biology says that we see  an object not the way our retina sees it but the way our brain interpret the object. This interpretation is based on previous experience or preference.

Quantum physics explanation is summed up in the picture below 

So what can we learn from this fact? The lesson is quite simple. The lesson is that sometimes our perception might not be true or realistic. We have to at all times be sure not to decide or judge based on perception. We have to look at things as realistic as possible and make inference based on reality. 

Have a Good Friday. 

Thursday’s Talk

Lols, like seriously, I am picking my phone to really share a very important talking point but all I could do is write. You might be thinking that is it not write that I wanted to do before? Yes I wanted to write but it is not want I to write that is coming forth. I want to share an article but it is a poem that is coming forth, so poem it is. 

Enjoy your read….

 The Holidays are here,

 Everyone is travelling here or  there. 

 I woke up this morning and songs  and jingles are all I could hear.  

 So happy is everyone that all they  want to do is share. 

 Sharing so many gifts with so much  care. 

 Gratitude fills the Air,

 Hearts so forgiving that it  overlooks every offence and err.

 There are jubilations everywhere,

 Celebrating the supposed  birth of    God’s only heir. 

 But can I ever  be  tempted to    have a share? 

  No, never!!!  To my Bible trained       conscience I choose to adhere. 

  And to those who give a listening       ear, 

  the witness of the good news I will.   bear .
I rest my case. 








WWW ( Edition 1 )

Today on Wednesday’s Wisdom Words, we are going to dwell on a wise saying which is :

“The one who falls and get up is so much stronger than the one who never fell”

That is a truly wise saying. How do we know how strong we are if life is a bed of roses for us? No wonder there is this other related saying that 

We don’t know how strong we are until being strong is the only option we have got. 

Yes challenges brings out the beast in us, it makes us stronger and empowers us for what lies ahead in the Future. 

So the next time you fall, don’t despair, some be disturbed, instead choose to stand and come up stronger to face life’s challenges. 
P.S : sorry we missed Tuesday Tabloids yesterday, we will try to make up next week. 

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MMM…..(Edition 1)

Thank God my account has finally been reinstated. Thank  God WordPress finally gave me the go ahead to continue to  live my dreams and pursue my passion with no further delay.. WordPress I thank you oooo. 

Yes today is suppose to be the first edition of the MMM series and it is going to be. The topic was suppose to be “thinking deep for ideas ” but based on recent events on my blog, it is going to be “it is never too late “. Sorry for the change in topic. I am promising that by God’s grace we will still discuss the idea of a thing topic. We will discuss it next week. 

So here is today’s discuss :

It is never too late

Yes that is true. It is never too late to pursue our passions. It is never too late to live our dreams. It is never too late start living a life of purpose. 

Granted you may fallen behind schedule in achieving your goals. Granted you may have had some setbacks, some disappointments,some bends and so on and so forth but is it late to get started again?  No. No no, for when there is life, there is certainly hope. 

So what is it that you want to achieve?  Which kind of life do you plan living? Where do you want to get to? No matter  what your answers to those questions are,  now is the time to make up for the lost time.. 

No more excuses, no more doubts, no more guessing, start now. 

If you do, you will be happy you did not wait any longer. 

Lols… Don’t think it. This one is not a series oooo. This is just a summary of what you should at least expect from Ogunleyeakinola’s blog every week.

They are… 

  • Monday’s Motivational Moment
  • Tuesday’s Tabloid
  • Wednesday’s Wisdom Words
  • Thursday Talk 
  • Friday’s Fact
  •  Saturday Sum 
  • Sunday Synonyms 

Does it now mean that these are just the posts you should be expecting ? The answer is No. From time to time, there will be posts apart from this. These ones are only series…. 

So the Saturday Sum will be out shortly….. Watch out. 

Friday Facts 

Do you know? 

Know what? 

Do you know that a cosmic year is the amount of time it takes the sun to revolve round the centre of the Milky way ?

Do you also know that that cosmic year is about 225 million normal year ?

Do you also know that it in a cosmic year, the earth will have revolve round the sun some 225 million times? 

What a mind blowing fact to uncover. 

Keep tab of Friday’s Facts to stay enlightened. 

B. S sorry there was no media.. Having a difficulty with my sites media… 

Thursday Talk

It saddens my heart that I pick my pen this morning to start a new educational series and I am starting with a news item that is not palatable. With heavy heart and hand I pick my phone to type the words in. 

How i wished it had not come at this time when I have issues of academic importance to write on! Wait a minute, I think this is even more important than any academic issue I want to discuss . Come to think of it, of what benefit is education in the first place if graduates can’t make wise and informed financial decisions?  Or what will it benefit a man to gain knowledge and Lack wisdom? Thank God I have chosen to write on this topic today. 

The topic is no other than the MMM break period. Although some are of the opinion that the inactivity of MMM for now is just  a break, I think the reality of it is that it crash is imminent if it not here. Here are my opinions on the MMM of a thing. 

1. MMM is a legal business and investment. Although some might be of the opinion that MMM is not OK based on religious grounds, it is a legal business. It is ponzi scheme in the Networking investments and business. So don’t get me wrong, MMM Is legal

2. There are many networking businesses in the world today. The ones are used to know were product related where there is an actual product been sold e.g Gnld, kedi healthcare, Bf suma e t c. Those ones are cool because you are actually working for your money by marketing those products giving to you and for bringing in new participants. You are also doing a real business of selling those products. Then, it is not an easy job to convince someone to come and do this kind of business oooo. Because it is a job where you have to work and think real hard. It is now a thing of pain to me that those same sane people that were not interested in the old networking businesses are those that are now doing the new one. Because it is kind of easy except for the risk they are taken .

My problem is that why are people especially  graduates after quick money ? Most students today want to get all they can get without giving out something. This kind of mentality has to change. Be ready to pay the price for wealth and stop looking for shortcuts. 

Sometime ago, most student had that Linda ikeji made it big from just blogging, most students ran to open their own blogspot. The question now is : how many of them are still working on those blogspots?  Just a few.. 

My advice for Nigerians is that there is nothing as satisfying as paying the price for success. If you do pay the price, you will definitely achieve it and you will not regret it. 

Wednesday Wisdom Words…..( WWW )

ALLITERATION. This is a figure of speech in which the same sound starts a couple of words in a sentence. That is English grammar 101. 

Yes.. Wednesday Wisdom Words ( WWW)  is the series kickstarting today. I think I don’t need to tell you the aim of this series, it is self explanatory enough. 

Here comes the first Wisdom words to be discussed. It was spoken by the great scientist Werner Heisenberg. He said and I quote him

” The first gulp from the glass of natural scientist will make you an atheist but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you”

Those were indeed words of wisdom coming from the father of quantum physics. As a scientist myself, I have been taught that the idea of God is an unacceptable one. As a microbiologist, the point is that you don’t say “God created man to do blah blah blah and blah”, you will rather say ” Nature has it that man does blah blah blah”. Lols. To science, God is really inexistent. 

That is why evolution as a topic is a major one in the biology curriculum. The idea of evolution without assuming that my audience knows it is that there was no real creator of all living things. It paints the picture of life starting from non living matter and gradually grows in complexity in both function and structure. Laughable shey? As if that was not enough, science dug up a couple of evidences to support their claim. They brought out evidences such the universal genetic code, fossil record ,genetic commonalities,  comparative Anatomy and Embryology and bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

But the big question is that, are these enough reasons to believe evolution?  The answer is a big NO in capital letters. Here are my own points 

1. We know houses right?  Let imagine that you were inside a thick forest. In that forest lives no one. Then suddenly while walking through the forest, you stumbled on a big house. This house is so bold and beautiful. Will it be a wise thesis to say that the house you have seen in an isolated forest just shoot out from the ground like those trees in that forest? Is it possible for a house to lack builders? I guess you will answer no. So why will we have complex living things without a wise creator? 

2. Science also has not witnessed the exact process of evolution. No scientist has seen the way a reptile evolves to an ave. All we have is an hearsay. Until the day I see a lizard evolve to a bird, I choose to believe in a wise and loving creator.

In my own little study of science, I can’t but believe that there must be a creator. No wonder Heisenberg could say that God is there to be seen at the end of one’s study of science. As a person, I have seen Gods power and wisdom in creation. The question is, have you? 

The latter part of this post will help you. 

Have a great day.