Today is the World AIDS day

The world chooses to remember HIV and AIDS today.  The disease in recent years have proven to be a scare to the world  and more especially to Africa.  There exists a need to educate young minds on the prevention of this nightmare because according to Dr. Bilali sparking at the National HIV Prevention Conference held in Abuja recently, we will never develop if we do not get our young people and women involved. 

Speaking at that same event, Dr. Victoria Isiramen made known that Nigeria and South Africa has the largest number of adolescent living with  HIV and Aids. A certain Mr. Issa Mohammed went on to share the statistics that as at 2013, there were 17000 new infections and 11000 Aids related deaths among Adolescents in Nigeria. He said it is up to young people to build the Future and control Hiv response. 

Relating on recent findings in researches, scientist at the conference also spoke on the fact that prevention is the only tenable and viable option for the future generation against this deadly disease. 

How can one contact AIDS? 

The big question Now is: How do we prevent HIV and AIDS ? Below are the basics to prevention

1.Get tested and know your status

2. Abtain from Sexual Activities

3. Talk to your Doctor about Pre Exposure Prophylaxis 

4. Don’t inject Drugs

5. If you must,  make sure you use sterilized needle and syringes

6. Never share sharp equipments with friends e.g blades. 

If we do all these things, then we are fighting the disease in our little way and we are contributing to an AIDS free world by 2013


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