Mind Mastery

“Rule your mind.Or it will rule you ”

This is a translated quote from Roman poet, Horace.

It suggests that our minds are different entities than ourselves. And that we are either slaves to our mind or we rule it. 

How many times have you wanted to get something done but your mind told you that you were too tired. Or too hungry. Or too nervous. Or incapable? 

If you are anything like i used to be, your answer would be, “all the freaking time ”

Then I stumbled on some kind of light, a sort of clarification on the subject matter. I stumbled on the word, “MINDSET”. That single word is a combination of two other smaller words, “MIND”,”SET”. To set means to literally adjust to correct something especially an instrument. This it dawned on me that with the word, “mindset”,it means that I could decide, adjust and correct my mind.  It meant that I am my mind’s master. 

So I had to learn how to master my mind. And I did. This realization have proven to be more powerful than I could ever imagine.

Why not gain mastery of your mind?  Why not learn to control it? Why not always set your mind to the “I want to be better” mode. Or the ” I can do anything ” mode.  Or the “I must achieve my greatest goals in life” mode? 

Do this and it will set you apart from the rest. 

Wish you a good week ahead. 


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