How Good is your logic? 

For the first time in my lifetime, I am not entirely happy today is a Saturday. The reason for my feeling that way is basically that I got some nice viewpoint articles to write and I am tied up to share quite relaxative post. Thank God Monday is not far from Saturday. 

Last week, I posted a picture on Saturday sums. The Winner of last week’s Saturday sum is one Abiodun. He won himself an airtime and it has been given to him.. Congratulations abiodun. 

This week we want to test your logic. How Good is your logic? 

Study this carefully :

1 + 2= 12

1 +1+3= 23



Now here is the question : 

Give the next two sums in the sequence above. 

A whole week you have got to give your answers on this page to have a valid entry. 

Multiple entries are not allowed 

See you.

Have a fantastic weekend. 


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