Synonyms Sunday 

Improve your grammar this Sunday by checking the synonyms for the following ten words : 

1.Finally : Eventually, Ultimately, At last.

2. Very : Extremely, Incredibly, Immensely, So.

3. Recently : Lately, Not long ago, Just. 

4. Often : Frequently, Repeatedly, Regularly. 

5. Probably : Presumably, Likely, Doubtless. 

6. Admire : Respect, Esteem, Regard. 

7. Curious : Inquisitive, Interested, inquiring. 

8. Brave : Courageous, Intrepid, Gutsy 

9. Delicious : Savoury, Delectable, Appetizing, Scrumptious. 

10. Amazing : Incredible, Fabulous, Fantastic, Astounding… 

I hope someone finds this helpful. If you have found this helpful do well to share. Like I use to say, you never can know who you will help.. 

Have a super Sunday. 


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