Wednesday Wisdom Words…..( WWW )

ALLITERATION. This is a figure of speech in which the same sound starts a couple of words in a sentence. That is English grammar 101. 

Yes.. Wednesday Wisdom Words ( WWW)  is the series kickstarting today. I think I don’t need to tell you the aim of this series, it is self explanatory enough. 

Here comes the first Wisdom words to be discussed. It was spoken by the great scientist Werner Heisenberg. He said and I quote him

” The first gulp from the glass of natural scientist will make you an atheist but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you”

Those were indeed words of wisdom coming from the father of quantum physics. As a scientist myself, I have been taught that the idea of God is an unacceptable one. As a microbiologist, the point is that you don’t say “God created man to do blah blah blah and blah”, you will rather say ” Nature has it that man does blah blah blah”. Lols. To science, God is really inexistent. 

That is why evolution as a topic is a major one in the biology curriculum. The idea of evolution without assuming that my audience knows it is that there was no real creator of all living things. It paints the picture of life starting from non living matter and gradually grows in complexity in both function and structure. Laughable shey? As if that was not enough, science dug up a couple of evidences to support their claim. They brought out evidences such the universal genetic code, fossil record ,genetic commonalities,  comparative Anatomy and Embryology and bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

But the big question is that, are these enough reasons to believe evolution?  The answer is a big NO in capital letters. Here are my own points 

1. We know houses right?  Let imagine that you were inside a thick forest. In that forest lives no one. Then suddenly while walking through the forest, you stumbled on a big house. This house is so bold and beautiful. Will it be a wise thesis to say that the house you have seen in an isolated forest just shoot out from the ground like those trees in that forest? Is it possible for a house to lack builders? I guess you will answer no. So why will we have complex living things without a wise creator? 

2. Science also has not witnessed the exact process of evolution. No scientist has seen the way a reptile evolves to an ave. All we have is an hearsay. Until the day I see a lizard evolve to a bird, I choose to believe in a wise and loving creator.

In my own little study of science, I can’t but believe that there must be a creator. No wonder Heisenberg could say that God is there to be seen at the end of one’s study of science. As a person, I have seen Gods power and wisdom in creation. The question is, have you? 

The latter part of this post will help you. 

Have a great day. 


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