Thursday Talk

It saddens my heart that I pick my pen this morning to start a new educational series and I am starting with a news item that is not palatable. With heavy heart and hand I pick my phone to type the words in. 

How i wished it had not come at this time when I have issues of academic importance to write on! Wait a minute, I think this is even more important than any academic issue I want to discuss . Come to think of it, of what benefit is education in the first place if graduates can’t make wise and informed financial decisions?  Or what will it benefit a man to gain knowledge and Lack wisdom? Thank God I have chosen to write on this topic today. 

The topic is no other than the MMM break period. Although some are of the opinion that the inactivity of MMM for now is just  a break, I think the reality of it is that it crash is imminent if it not here. Here are my opinions on the MMM of a thing. 

1. MMM is a legal business and investment. Although some might be of the opinion that MMM is not OK based on religious grounds, it is a legal business. It is ponzi scheme in the Networking investments and business. So don’t get me wrong, MMM Is legal

2. There are many networking businesses in the world today. The ones are used to know were product related where there is an actual product been sold e.g Gnld, kedi healthcare, Bf suma e t c. Those ones are cool because you are actually working for your money by marketing those products giving to you and for bringing in new participants. You are also doing a real business of selling those products. Then, it is not an easy job to convince someone to come and do this kind of business oooo. Because it is a job where you have to work and think real hard. It is now a thing of pain to me that those same sane people that were not interested in the old networking businesses are those that are now doing the new one. Because it is kind of easy except for the risk they are taken .

My problem is that why are people especially  graduates after quick money ? Most students today want to get all they can get without giving out something. This kind of mentality has to change. Be ready to pay the price for wealth and stop looking for shortcuts. 

Sometime ago, most student had that Linda ikeji made it big from just blogging, most students ran to open their own blogspot. The question now is : how many of them are still working on those blogspots?  Just a few.. 

My advice for Nigerians is that there is nothing as satisfying as paying the price for success. If you do pay the price, you will definitely achieve it and you will not regret it. 


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