Thursday’s Talk

Lols, like seriously, I am picking my phone to really share a very important talking point but all I could do is write. You might be thinking that is it not write that I wanted to do before? Yes I wanted to write but it is not want I to write that is coming forth. I want to share an article but it is a poem that is coming forth, so poem it is. 

Enjoy your read….

 The Holidays are here,

 Everyone is travelling here or  there. 

 I woke up this morning and songs  and jingles are all I could hear.  

 So happy is everyone that all they  want to do is share. 

 Sharing so many gifts with so much  care. 

 Gratitude fills the Air,

 Hearts so forgiving that it  overlooks every offence and err.

 There are jubilations everywhere,

 Celebrating the supposed  birth of    God’s only heir. 

 But can I ever  be  tempted to    have a share? 

  No, never!!!  To my Bible trained       conscience I choose to adhere. 

  And to those who give a listening       ear, 

  the witness of the good news I will.   bear .
I rest my case. 









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