Feeling lyrical on Friday 

​Feeling lyrical this Friday, so I decided to drop this freestyle. 
I am tired of these. 

Tired of what? Tired of the ladies. 

All they are ever after is the  money in  various currencies:

the pounds, dollars, naira and even the cedis. 

Oh! Am I the only thinking this? 

Or has this too ever come to your notice ?
See them wearing undies in clothes disguise,

ready to pull off just for their guys to please. 

And when the guys threatens,

they are left with the sole option to go down on their knees.

What a pity! 

What price can one place on one’s self dignity?

Sis, you might think this as a diss 

but please the truth in it, do not miss. 
Please, Sis ,your self esteem , do try to heighten 

Act like a  lady. 

Like a man, be real!

And decide not to settle for anything apart from the real deal. 
This is the truth I choose to speak.

Written by Ogunleye Akinola Alex 

Author of Ogunleyeakinola’s Blog



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