Friday Fact

Today’s Friday Fact is based on perception. The fact of the matter is that most times, we see an object the way we want to see it. We think of an idea the way we choose to think it. This can either by shaped by our preference or our experience.  

This claim has  been supported by both Human biology and quantum physics. Human biology says that we see  an object not the way our retina sees it but the way our brain interpret the object. This interpretation is based on previous experience or preference.

Quantum physics explanation is summed up in the picture below 

So what can we learn from this fact? The lesson is quite simple. The lesson is that sometimes our perception might not be true or realistic. We have to at all times be sure not to decide or judge based on perception. We have to look at things as realistic as possible and make inference based on reality. 

Have a Good Friday. 


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