Monday’s Motivational Moment, MMM1. 

Top of the moment to followers of my fans. It has really been a while. So what have kept me away all this while? In all sincerity, it is the data. I will call it “a waste of data” and probably a “mismanagement of data”. On the sidelines, I was seriously enjoying my holidays.Now it is almost over. Mixed feelings all the way. 

So today, we will be diving straight to that our long procastinated topic. We will talking on thinking long enough for ideas.

The truth is that we all have one idea or the other in our subconscious. It lies deep down in us. I am of the certainty about this because of the way our brains are wired. I am sure because I have come to examine the way our minds up. With both our brain and mind, we conjure up imaginations and mental pictures  which can be joined together with reality to form ideas. 

The only problem most people have is that they don’t utilize their mental power to produce ideas. They prefer to do a little thinking and come up with nothing. A deeper search could have brought a better result. 

I got to understand this better some weeks ago. I began to write a particular a post I call “Saturday Sum “. After a week, I came up with “Sunday Synonyms”. A whole week passed and I did not see a brilliant idea that was just at nose view distance to me. It was after I made that post that it dawned on me that I could actually make an Alliteration out of all the days of the week. After just 30 minutes, I came up with just that. What was I doing all those 30 minutes? I was thinking. I was thinking long and deep enough to get those ideas and this has been a great help. What are even these alliterations? They are :

  1. Sunday Synonyms 
  2. Monday Motivational Moment 
  3. Tuesday Tabloid
  4. Wednesday Wisdom Words
  5. Thursday Talk 
  6. Friday Fact or Friday Fun 
  7.  Saturday Sum and sometimes Saturday Summary 

# These aforementioned are all series that you should be expecting everyday of the week in no short supply.

So back to our issue of ideas. I challenge you today to think long and deep for ideas. They are just in there.  The question is that, can you bring them out? I hope you are able. 

To a blessed week ahead. 


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