Monday Motivational Moment  ( MMM2 )

Some days ago, precisely on the 1st day of this year, I started an habit. Today is the 9th day of me following that my habit and with that, I have been achieving more and more from my day. 

This singular habit gives me a sense of accomplishment and I know it will later bring me to my dream destination. Want to know this habit I am hyping this much? 


So a brief description of this my habit, what is a to-do list? A to-do list is a enumeration of activities you will like to do during the day. 

When is the best time to create such a list? Since your day starts in the morning, I think the best time to make a to-do list is in the morning, when you wake. Some have also found the end of the day as a good time to create a to-do list for the next day. 

How to make a to-do list? Take some time to meditate on your overall objectives. Think of the things you have accomplished the previous day and the followup or buildup steps that can take you a bit closer to those objectives. List them out. Also on a to-do list can be activities you went completed during the day, places and people you want to visit, calls you want to make and so on and so forth. 

Why make a to-do list? A to-do list is a great habit. It helps you really visualize where you are in relation to your dream objectives. It makes you a bit more accountable to yourself. It oversteps that issue of forgetting some certain things you want done since they are in writing. 

So I implore you to get a small Notepad and start creating a to-do list on a daily basis and at the end of the day, always check how well you have performed and where you can improve. 
P. S: Don’t forget to thank me later.


6 thoughts on “Monday Motivational Moment  ( MMM2 )

  1. Is it safe to make the list in my head? I’m not the type that really flow with stuffs like that. I wont be consistent amd they will be days when i will just be plain lazy to write anything in a book (still remembering the promise I made after school about not reading a signboard not to talk of making a list).
    Nice habit by the way. Keep it up.


    1. Mental list is cool too just like the theocratic ministry school agrees that we can have a mental outline when speaking publicly.
      But the thing is that, studies have shown that a written list is better followed than a mental one.
      For one, something written is never forgotten or overlooked. Even if you did forget, your written list will remind you.
      Another point is that you feel more accountable to a written list than a mental one. At the end of the day when you want to see how well you have done, it will be easier to score yourself.

      Another thing is that studies has also shown that it takes 21 days to learn or unlearn an habit. So if you want to learn this habit, try doing it for 21 days and the day you miss, you will feel attuned to continue the next day because it is already part of you.

      So try it Gloria, you can do it!


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