Wednesday Words of Wisdom ( WWW 2) 

I heard this from the first cool lawyer I ever knew and ever since, that has pretty much be one of my favorite quotes. Barrister Robert Odihi once said, ” assumption is the least level of knowledge “.

You might be wondering, ” Where did this man put ignorance? Well, you thought well. Ignorance is a bad one but assumption is far worse. How so? 

Well, when one is ignorant, he or she probably knows that he has no knowledge of a particular thing. That state of awareness alone can make it easier or push him forward to seek knowledge. You will agree with me that that is hope in the horizon for him. 

But can we say the same for assumption? No is the answer. An assuming man feels he know something and in the real sense does not. As if that is not enough a problem, an assuming man in most cases does not see the need to seek knowledge because he feels he knows. What a pity? 

It is probably this line of reasoning that made George Bernard Shaw to make this statement :

Beware of false knowledge, it is more dangerous than ignorance “.

P. S: A rethink of this post will come out later in the day, don’t miss. 


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