Thursday talk2

When I was but a boy, I remember very vividly  the days of my primary and secondary school education. I remember the times when I will prepare for exams for the sole reason that I want to come up first in class. I remembered so well my seemingly endless cries because of falling down the positioning order. I remember very good the day I cried because a gang of teachers scolded me for looking down on others who were below me when we saw our positions at the end of the term. I remember how badly I felt the day I failed my class by coming 2nd in a quiz contest. Ehn Ehn, I remember the needless drama between the smart ones of my classes the first week of the term because of last terms grades. 

So numerous are those memories of the times when positions used to matter to we students. All of a sudden, our treasured battle line was taken from us. The positioning system was said to be outdated and abolished. The reasons for this, I don’t still know until now. But I do know that the positioning system had thrills. Students do feel the need to do better when they are graded that way. It is a pity that this system is considered obsolete. 

But I am an Open-minded person, I would like to listen to people who have an opinion to share. 

Please is the positioning system no longer relevant in the grading of students? 

If so, why? 
Thanks as you share your view. 


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