Sunday synonyms 3.

Top of the morning to you all. How is the weekend going?

This morning on Sunday Synonyms, we want to give synonyms to words that we use “very” to modify. For instance, we often want to say that a place is not just noisy but “very noisy “. How better can we say that? We can say in a better way, “this place is deafening “.

Here are a list of ten other words that easily replaces the “very words”:

  1. Very often – Frequently
  2. Very old – Ancient 
  3. Very old fashioned – Archaic 
  4. Very open – Transparent 
  5. Very painful – Excruciating 
  6. Very pale – Ashen
  7. Very perfect – Flawless 
  8. Very poor – Destitute
  9. Very powerful – Compelling 
  10. Very simple – Basic 

Do well to learn and master these words, it will help your expressions. 

Thanks …. See you next week. 



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