Monday Motivational Moment (MMM3) 

Today on MMM, I wish to share with you the commonest of all mottos used in schools. So common is this motto that you can’t  go to any state in Nigeria without finding a school with this motto. I even saw it as university motto in recent times

The motto is : “Knowledge is power”. This is indeed a simple but very meaningful sentence. Infact it is enough to motivate one to seek knowledge. A man with physical strength is powerful, a man with emotional strength is more powerful but a man with knowledge is the most powerful of them all.

How powerful is knowledge? Knowledge is likened to a key to a lock. If one has the strength alone, can one open a locked door without breaking it? If one has the key but does not know how to use it, can one open the door? Do doors open to people who has a beauty alone? Handsomeness ? Self esteem? 
But what if one has a key and knows how to use one, won’t one be able to open the doors? Of course, one will. So if you want opened doors, what should you do? Two words : seek knowledge for it is power. 

P. S: what is your own school motto? 


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