Tuesday Tabloids 3

​Ogunleyeakinola’s Blog Newsletter

Good day to you all. I want to really express my heartfelt appreciation for your support in one way or the other. I am indeed grateful. You might be wondering, how am I supporting this blog? You have indeed been supporting me but you don’t just know. 

This you have been doing by virtue of your likes and comments on my posts both on my blog itself or on our social media. To those who liked my Facebook page, I say thank you. When I see likes or comments on my posts, I feel as if I am being heard by someone and it is really encouraging. 

But can we do better? Sure we can. Then how? Two ways basically. 

1. By liking and commenting on posts on the blog itself. Although I really appreciate a comment on any of my social media, it would have been better if you can load the link to the post and post your comments outrightly on the blog. This is important so that comments can be well documented so that a response can be given. 

2. By following my blog. What are the benefits of following a blog? When you follow a blog, any update on the blog will be brought to you. That will make you to easily access posts that are really cool in the educational hemisphere. 


Ogunleye Akinola Alex

Author : Ogunleyeakinola’s Blog 


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