Wednesday Wisdom Words ( WWW 3 ) 

​”There is no Smoke without a Fire” 

Wait a minute! Have you seen one? No, never. You can’t definitely see a smoke without a Fire. But the real thing is that while this saying is true literally,it also holds water proverbially. 

The real meaning of this saying is that there is no cause without an effect or there is no effect without a cause. Simple as that. 

So what does  this now have to do my education? A lot, my friend. You just cannot  start to have bad grades or continue to have bad grades without a cause somewhere , never. Something must have gone wrong somewhere. Could it be your playfulness, your nonchalant attitude toward school, your lack of seriousness or laziness ? The smoke must be coming from one fire. Look for that fire and quench it and the smoke,you will see no more. 

This also applies to that Girl or Boy in your class that always succeed. It does not just come easily. It is a product of certain causes.    Learn those causes, apply them and you will see the same effect : the smoke. 

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