Thursday Talk 3


Each day seems busier than the previous one. Always on the move yet never getting to a destination. The hustle and bustle of school ever so endless like the Atlantic. Lectures to attend, assignments to get done, handouts and textbooks to buy and of course read, tests and exams to prepare for. The list is endless! There’s still so many other extracurricular activities you are expected to be a part of. Little wonder then that students of various tertiary institutions in our country feel that stress should be added to the name of their schools. For example, ABSU becomes ABSTRESS, UNIUYO becomes UNISTRESS. For the female students, there’s added nightmare to the stress. Rapists and perverts in Lecturer’s clothing will stop at nothing until they grace their bed. This school life nawa o!

There’s hope though- the sanctuary!

What is a sanctuary? Why does every student need one?

To answer the first question, a sanctuary is defined as a place of safety, refuge or protection. Synonyms include sanctum, haven, etc. For a student, a sanctuary would mean a place where the least of your worries is school work. It could be a moment alone where you feel relaxed and at ease. It could be a time spent with someone, or when you are engaging in a particular activity. It could even be when you are at rest or asleep. The main thing is this; it’s up to you to find your own sanctuary.

Why you need a sanctuary

For obvious reasons, a sanctuary is a necessity for every student. 

To restore or maintain sanity is one reason. Without a sanctuary, someone can get so caught up with school activities and as such increase his/her stress level, thereby risking sanity. There have been such cases in our schools as well. A very ancient proverb says, ” better is a handful of rest than two handfuls of hardwork and striving after the wind”.

   Tips on how to find your sanctuary

1. Try to create leisure time for yourself. Try observing ants go about their daily business.

2. Get a confidant/confidante if you don’t already have one. This is that your very special friend who’s always there for you.

3. Engage yourself in activities that community-based. Volunteer to help others in need.

4. Draw close to the best friend there is, God! Find those who love him as well and make them your friend too.
Finally, do not get too absorbed in your sanctuary that you neglect other important things as well, your school work for example. The key word is balance!

Next time, we will discuss on how to be balanced as a student.

Written by Mike Okeke.             (guest writer) 



9 thoughts on “Thursday Talk 3

  1. The Sanctuary is essential for our existence. It’s best when it’s a place you spend time with God privately, you would be amazed at the result. Nice piece Mr. Alex


    1. Although, I had no sanctuary when I was learning as a student in school, now I have plenty when I am teaching as a teacher in school and the results have been splendid. I implore all to try looking for sanctuaries. It helps a lot.

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