Saturday Sums 3 

This is quite a late post. I guess it is better late than never anyway and that is the main reason i am choosing to make sure that you get this this night.

So how has the weekend being? I trust It has been fine. It has been great over here oooo. Don’t worry, you will be reading the gist sometime later. 

Now on our Saturday Sum for this week. It is kind of tough but I want our thinkers to help us out. Here it is :

Let’s see who get that . ….

Have a great Sunday ahead…. 


One thought on “Saturday Sums 3 

  1. 1. Any number can be correct and well placed here so we can’t make inference rightly here.
    2. 6 is appearing here and is in the same place as in the first combination so can’t be part of the right combination given these two conditions.
    3. Since two numbers are correct here but wrongly placed. Note that we have already cancelled 6 as not been part of the right combination so we are left with just 0 and 2 as correct but they are wrongly placed
    4. 8 is not correct and it is part of the 1st combination about which we have concluded that 6 is also wrong. So the only correct number is 2
    5. 7 is not also correct according to the forth combination so we are left with only 0 as been correct.
    So the only number combination that satisfies all conditions is 042 ….Try it.

    P. S : Do not forget to drop your comments on the link….

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