Wednesday Wisdom Words ( WWW4 )


“Ask me, I have seen prayers worked, I know it does. But I also know that character helps a great deal ”

                                        Mrs Adegoke

Those were the words I heard last week Friday and ever since I have been pondering over them. I have been doing a certain kind of analogy on them but there is actually no “thinking over” necessary here, they are just plain truth. Why do I say so?

It is not uncommon to see students who will always pray that they want good grades, they want to pass their exams, they want to get a scholarship and on and on but they don’t actually work for these things. Will things just happen ? No because prayer is not a magic wand as used by Merlin in the land of magic and the time of myth neither is it a mere wishful act that conjure up realities. Prayer is better compared to as an enzyme. Really? Let check on a Chemistry class on “enzymes”.

What are enzymes ? Enzymes are  organic chemical substances that speed up chemical reactions.

How does this relate with prayers for God’s sake ? Prayers are the enzymes while our works which include our characters are the chemical reactions. Enzymes don’t work on nothing, they can only work on a substrate. In the event that there is no substrate to work on, enzymes are a big waste. In the same way, if our works and our good characters were to be lacking, how do we expect prayers to work ? On empty vessels ? On thin air ? Certainly not. So before you pray next time for blessings, ask yourself, am I giving God something to bless ?
Your works are the sum total of what you do as a person, your attitudes, your values, moral codes, characters e.t.c. Work on them ! Sharpen your skills ! And Pray to God and see if he will not answer.
To your Success……


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom Words ( WWW4 )

    1. Although, I had no sanctuary when I was learning as a student in school, now I have plenty when I am teaching as a teacher in school and the results have been splendid. I implore all to try looking for sanctuaries. It helps a lot.


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