Saturdays Sum

The truth about bodmas and 3 other names for it.

Today on Saturday sum, we are not going to be giving out questions as it has being our tradition. We are alternatively going to be settling issues straight about a mathematical principle known as BODMAS.

Nigerian teachers ehn, all the while i have been taught in school that the “O” in BODMAS stands for “Of”. Same with you ? Permit me to tell you that you have been misinformed, the “O” in BODMAS actually stands for “ORDERS”.

 ” orders ” here include any operation that has a power or a square root. 

For example the other to solve this equation below is:

7 + (6 × 5²+ 3)

7 + (6 × 25 + 3)

Start inside Brackets, and then use “Orders” First

7 + (150 + 3) Then Multiply

7 + (153) Then Add

7 + 153 Brackets completed, last operation is add

160 DONE !

Interestingly BODMAS is understood in different ways in different countries. For example,

1.”Exponents” is used in Canada, and so you might prefer “BEDMAS”. 

2.There is also “Indices” which makes it “BIDMAS”. 

3. In the US they say “Parentheses” instead of Brackets, so it is “PEMDAS”.


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