Thursday, 13th March, 2017
Foods and Nutrition 3 (Practical) 3hrs

Home Management 3 (Practical ) 3hrs

Wednesday,22nd March, 2017

Technical Drawing 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.15am

Technical Drawing 1 (Objective) 10.15am � 11.15am

Health Science 3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 2.00pm � 3.45pm

Health Education 3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 2.00pm �3.45pm

Thursday, 23rd March, 2017

Fisheries (Alternative B) 2(Essay)

Fisheries (Alternative B) 1 (Objective)

Tuesday, 28th March, 2017

Foods and Nutrition 2 (Essay) 08.30am� 09.45am

Foods and Nutrition 1 (Objective) 09.45am � 10.45am

Home Management 2 (Essay) 1.00pm � 2.00pm

Home Management 1 (Objective) 2.00am � 3.00pm

Wednesday, 29th March, 2017

History 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

History 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Friday, 31st March, 2017

Data Processing 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Data Processing 1 (Objective) 10.30am� 11.30am

Monday, 3rd April, 2017

Igbo 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Igbo 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Hausa 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Hausa 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Yoruba 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Yoruba 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Civic Education 2 (Essay) 1.00pm. � 3.00pm

Civic Education 1 (Objective) 3.00pm � 4.00pm

Tuesday, 4th April, 2017

Physics 3 (Practical Alternative A) 08.30am � 11.15am (1st Set)

Physics 3 (Practical Alternative A) 11.40am � 2.25pm (2nd Set)============================


Wednesday, 5th April, 2017

Literature-In-English 2 (Prose) 08.30am� 09.45am

Literature-In-English 1 (Objective) 09.45am � 10.45am

Geography 2 (Essay) 1.00pm � 3.00pm

Geography 1(Objective) 3.00 pm. � 4.00pm

Thursday, 6th April, 2017

Physics 3 (Practical Alternative B) 08.30am � 11.15am (1st Set)

Physics 3 (Practical Alternative B) 11.40am � 2.25pm (2ndSet)

Health Science 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.00am

Health Science 1 (Objective) 10.00am � 11.00am

Health Education 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.00am

Health Education 1 (Objective) 10.00am �11.00am

Monday, 10th April, 2017

Physics 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.00am

Physics 1 (Objective) 10.00 am � 11.15am

Geography 3(Practical and Physical Geography) 1.00am-2.50pm


Tuesday, 11th April, 2017

Chemistry 3 (Practical Alternative A) 08.30am � 10.30am (1st Set)

Chemistry 3 (Practical Alternative A) 11.00am � 1.00pm (2nd Set)============================
Wednesday, 12th April, 2017

Government 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Government 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Thursday, 13th April, 2017

English Language 2(Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

English Language 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

English Language 3 (Test of Orals) 2.00pm � 2.45pm

Tuesday, 18th April, 2017

Christian Religious Studies 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Christian Religious Studies 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Islamic Studies 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Islamic Studies 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Chemistry 2 (Essay) 1.00pm. � 3.00pm

Chemistry 1 (Objective) 3.00pm � 4.00pm

Wednesday, 19thApril, 2017

Financial Accounting 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 11.00am

Financial Accounting 1 (Objective) 11.00am � 12.00pm

Biology 2 (Essay) 1.00pm. � 2.40pm

Biology 1 (Objective) 2.40pm � 3.30pm



Thursday, 20th April, 2017

General Mathematics (Core) 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 11.00am

General Mathematics (Core) 1 (Objective) 1.00am � 2.30pm



Friday, 21stApril, 2017

Agricultural Science 3 (Practical) 08.30am � 10.00am (1st Set)

Agricultural Science 3 (Practical) 10.30am � 12.00am (2nd Set)============================
Monday, 24th April, 2017

Economics 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Economics 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am



Tuesday, 25th April, 2017

Chemistry 3 (Practical Alternative B) 08.30am� 10.30am (1st Set)

Chemistry 3 (Practical Alternative B) 11.00am � 13.00am (2nd Set)===========================
Wednesday, 26th April, 2017

Biology 3 (Practical Alternative A) 08.30am � 10.30am (1st Set)

Biology 3 (Practical Alternative A) 11.00am � 1.00pm (2nd Set)

Literature-In-English 3(Drama & Poetry)1.00pm � 3.30pm


Thursday, 27th April, 2017

Computer Studies 3 (Practical) 08.30am � 10.30am (1st Set)

Computer Studies 3 (Practical) 11.00am � 1.00pm (2ndSet)

Upholstery 2 (Essay) 1.00pm � 2.00pm

Upholstery 1 (Objective) 2.00pm � 3.00pm


Friday, 28th April, 2017

Agricultural Science 2 (Essay) 08.30am� 10.40am

Agricultural Science 1 (Objective) 10.40am � 11.30am


Tuesday, 2nd May, 2017

Bookkeeping 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.20am

Bookkeeping 1 (Objective) 10.20am � 11.00am

Store Keeping 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.20am

Store Keeping 1 (Objective) 10.20am � 11.00am

Tourism 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.20am

Tourism 1 (Objective) 10.20am � 11.00am

Mining 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.20am

Mining 1 (Objective) 10.20am � 11.00am

Office Practice 2 (Essay)08.30am � 10.20am

Office Practice 1 (Objective) 10.20am �11.00am


Wednesday, 3rd May, 2017

Animal Husbandry (Alternative B Practical 3)8.30am � 10.00am(1st Set)

Animal Husbandry (Alternative B Practical 3)10.30am� 12.00pm (2nd Set)

Commerce 2 (Essay) 1.00pm. � 3.00pmCommerce 1 (Objective) 3.00pm� 3.50pm


Thursday, 4th May, 2017

Cosmetology 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 09.50am

Cosmetology 1 (Objective) 09.50am � 10.30am

Dyeing and Bleaching 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.10am

Dyeing and Bleaching 1 (Objective) 10.10am � 10.55am.

Animal Husbandry (Alternative B) 2 (Essay)1.00pm � 3.00pm

Animal Husbandry (Alternative B) 1 (Objective)3.00pm � 3.40pm.

Store Management 2 (Essay) 1.00pm �3.00pm

Store Management 1 (Objective)3.15pm � 4.00pm

Photography 2 (Essay) 1.00pm � 3.00pm

Photography 1 (Objective) 3.15pm � 4.00pm

Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work 2 (Essay)1.00pm � 3.15pm

Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work 1 (Objective)3.15pm -4.00pm

Friday, 5th May, 2017

Catering Craft Practice 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 09.20am

Catering Craft Practice 1 (Objective) 09.20am � 10.00am

Catering Craft(Alternative to Practical Work 3)11.00am. � 11.40am

Marketing 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Marketing 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.20am

Salesmanship 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Salesmanship 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.20am

Insurance 2 (Essay) 2.00pm -3.00pmInsurance 1 (Objective) 3.00pm -4.50pm

Monday, 8th May, 2017

Fisheries 3(Alternative to Practical B) 08.30am � 10.30am (1st Set)

Fisheries 3(Alternative to Practical B) 11.00am � 1.00pm (2nd Set)

Welding & Fabrication Engineering Craft Practice 3 (Practical)08.30am�11.40am (1st Set)Welding & Fabrication Engineering Craft Practice 3 (Practical)12.00pm�3.10pm(2nd Set)==============
Wednesday, 10th May, 2017French 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 09.45am

French 1 (Objective) 09.45am � 10.45am

Thursday, 11th May, 2017

Dyeing and Bleaching 3 (Practical) 08.30am � 1.00pm (1st Set)

Dyeing and Bleaching 3 (Practical)




You felt you’d done enough

You thought you’ve earned their trust

You scaled every hurdle

Still all effort was lost

From peering eyes

To whispering talk

From heaves and sighs

To stern looks and diffusing rumours.

“Is this it?”  You wonder

The once revered golden boy

By murmurings has been dissected

And his honour dismembered

As the parts of a rejected toy.

You decipher not the essence

Work yourself to ground

Just for a good name

Only for people around

To make slitting remarks, defaming comments

Point-shaped arrows

That thanks to God

Hit your shield of self-assuredness,

Yes self confidence

In your moral innocence

P.S : Written by Ayodele Alle Odiameh

         Graphics by Ayodele Alle Odiameh

         Published by Ogunleye Akinola Alex

Monday Motivational Moment…. Reaching your full potential.

​Yes, reaching your full potential. What does the word “potential” mean in the first place? When used in this context, potential is one’s ability to do something. Added with the word “full”, it means one’s ability to successfully achieve various things. 

As Students, it means being an all round success: academically sound, morally upright, tight in business if possible, socially acceptable and using your talents and developing them which might not be seen in  your primary course of study. It might even mean trying new things.

I am currently reading “Think Big”, a book written by the great neurosurgeon himself, Ben Carson. Get the point? You are an history student does not mean you can not flex your muscles in web development. Actualizing your full potential require you to diversify. You can do well in just any field. Remember Falz, the bad guy, Jenifa? They are lawyers by course of study for crying out loud!!! But what do we know them for today? Law ? Not at all. 

Here is another good example, Mr Ayodele Odiameh Alle is a microbiologist but developed his ability to convey his thoughts in writing good poems. Although strictly on a passion level here, he has written too numerous poems that I can’t really count. As a comment on his recent poem entitled ” Suspicion ” which will be published on our blog, http://www.ogunleyeakinola.wordpress.com later in the day, he will tell you more about himself, where you can view his works and anything he has for us.

Remember,again, you can reach your full potential only if you diversify!

Sunday Synonyms

Last week was really a great one for me on a blogging level and the source of my satisfaction lies in no other place than the followers on our blog. So many people accepted our invitation to them to like our page. We really really appreciate you for doing this.

Thanks a bunch once again. To this end, we over here decided to dedicate this week’s Sunday Synonyms to the followers of our blog.

 Since we are appreciating you guys, we decided to research on the synonyms of “appreciate”.

Here is a pictorial representation of our findings:

We adore,admire,applaud, cherish, enjoy, esteem and extol you guys oooo. More power to your elbow. We promise our best to always serve you better.

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Saturday Sum 

​Mathematical differences:














What is my point??
My point is that there are so many ways of getting to your final destination. 
The  journey may not take you through the same way it took your mom, dad, friend or colleague.
What matters is that you will get to your destination if you don’t give up.
At times, you get there by adding things and people in your life.
Other times you will get there by subtracting certain things and people from your life.
Other times, you may need the multiplying effect of seed, information and relationships…
Other times, division and separation might be inevitable…
“Some of these may not be fun”.
When 2 was alone it may not have been comfortable until 5 was added.
What matters is not the (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division)..
Yes, the process may differ. But the destination is still the same..
All things will work together for your good and expected end….Don’t give up on the process!
You are a Soldier. Do not be afraid to add or subtract things in life.
Do not resist change and be afraid to let go when subtracting is a must.
Stop crying, lamenting, and drowning in tears of pity and fear of moving on.

Every circumstance is building you for your ultimate goal.
All things will work together for your good…..Head or tail you will win.
Don’t give up on the process. Don’t walk away from the game..
The match has already been decided in your favour..
Here is my conclusion and answer;

Friday Fact

Do you know why you don’t like maths? 

The same part of the brain that responds to fearful situations also has a heightened response to anxiety caused by math…….#Googlefact.

What can this mean for you?

This invariably means that it is in your capacity to solve your mathematics problem. It means that when you face your fears and get anxious less, then your mathematics problems will vanish because the same part of the brain is responsible for anxiety, fear and mathematics problem.

Simple as that.

Thursdays Talk


Yea.. I am a social media lover. I like staying online to be able to get access to good information, quality entertainment and of course share my ideas with the world at large. To this end, I follow lot of persons and organizations who I believe have something cool to offer me. One of such is only_1 in Africa comedy line. You guys are really trying. Good work you are doing. 

But yesterday I saw something on the page that I really really disagree with. Although I am not supposed to take you guys seriously  I am deciding to. I am choosing to because the Yorubas will like it is from playful moments that one will know people’s real mindset.

On your page yesterday was something like education used to be important until graduates started working for illiterates. I beg to disagree. I am of the opinion that education is still very very important. 

I know you probably have a long list of people who have gone on to make it in life without a proper education. Yes you are right. I know a few too. Success in life is actually not about the grades. It is about attitudes, things one can get without a formal education. But does that mean education is not important to success ? No, not at all. Have you really seen an educated millionaire and a non educated one ? You will agree with me that there is always a difference. Education gives you a difference and the illiterate millionaires know it. No wonder, a good number of them go on to complete their education even after they have gotten the money they so crave. If education were not important, why would they do such?

Another cool thing about education is that it opens the man mind and inspires it to action. Give a completely educated man a task and see him complete it with competence. The only problem nowadays is that educationists nowadays have forgotten a principal objective of education is to inspire the spirit of enquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership. If only these parts of education were addressed, you will never see graduates working for illiterates.

To change in the education system.

Wednesdays Wisdom Word

Give a child  a fish, you have fed him for a few moment but try teaching him how to catch a fish, you will end up feeding him forever.

This saying is quite a wise one. No wonder some wise people would inquire that you teach them a certain way to make money instead of asking you to give them money outrightly. 

Interestly, this saying applies to a much more important group of people, the children. A child comes home from school, you picked him up and asked him about his assignments. He gave them to you and you helped him do it on your own without teaching him how you did it, you have ended up giving him a fish.

Does this mean you don’t like your ward ? No it doesn’t. After all, you gave him a good gift, that of your time and you still gave him help. You have tried. But you can do better. You can like him much more. How so ?

Let’s repaint the scenario and see a better response. You asked for your ward’s assignments and he gave them to you. You then taught him how to do it on a separate paper and he did it himself. Or better, you did it together as a collaboration.

Of the two ways, which one is better ? Definitely the second. How has this parent shown that he loved his child much more ? By not doing the assignment alone when the ward is not there. By teaching the child how it is done so that if he is asked the same questions, he will be able to answer effectively. Or what is the purpose of assignments? Is it not to evaluate students understanding of a certain subject matter? How will this purpose be realised if parents were to help their kids with their assignments alone?  Remember, if you give a boy a fish, you have satisfied him for a few moments but if you teach him how to fish, you will end up feeding him forever or even the future generation.

To better orientation towards assignments.

P.S : Note my usage of the word Parent. This is an intentional effort to pass the message that guiding the children to do their assignments is not only a mother’s responsibility but both parents responsibility.

Monday Motivational Moments….. Creating Values…. Getting known for something.

Prof. Wole Soyinka, Prof. Isaq Oloyede, Chike Obi, Prof. Dibu Ojerinde, Linda Ikeji and so on and so forth. Do these names ring any bells to you ? Probably they do. These are all people dead or alive who have gotten known for something. They are people who have picked a part of life and created a value there.

Does it really mattered what or which area of calling they chose ? No, not really. What really mattered was that they chose something and created a positive value there in. No wonder, when you hear a Nobel Laurel as a Nigerian, you instantly think of Prof. Woke Soyinka. People have really distinguished themselves that whenever you hear their professions, you immediately remember them. That is where Linda Ikeji comes in. Can you really mention blogging without mentioning my mentor’s name ? I don’t think so. I beg to mention Prof. Oloyede too, the man I reckon as a pacesetter in the management of educational institutions in the country.

What is my point ? My Point simply is Choose a field in life that you will like to be known for and create values there in. Your choice is yours. It should be something you enjoy doing. Something that keeps your adrenaline flowing. Something that you will be doing if money were not to be a problem. Until you find that singular thing, don’t settle for anything less. And when you do, never settle for anything than excellence. I repeat, never settle for anything other than excellence.
I have found mine. Have you found yours ? 

To yours.


Sunday Synonym 6

Good morning folks and friends, I was just checking my previous blog posts then I stumbled on this. I thought you will like it and it will be useful for you. Thanks for visiting our blog, hope to see you soon.

Ogunleyeakinola's Blog

Yeah, today is a Sunday and most of us will be going to our different places of worship right ? Have you ever thought of another word for ” worship ” in English language ? Well I have and here is my finding in my latest research.

Synonyms of worship




4.bow down to





9. dote on


11. exalt

12. extol

13. idolize

14. laud



17. offer prayers to

18. pay homage to


20.pray to

21. put on a pedestal

22. respect



25. sanctify


27. sing praises to

28. venerate

Hope you have learnt something ? Thanks for visiting our site, hope to see you another day…

Blessed Sunday ahead.

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