Monday Motivational Moment 6

​Sometimes, all you have to do is listen to your heart, breathe in and out, never, ever be afraid to start all over, to rewrite history, be actually worried if you don’t get the opportunity to start all over. Forgive freely, laugh a lot, let go of the things and people that hurt you (just because hate in your heart would consume you too). Get close to God, to positive vibes and energy, read a book and grow 1% daily, be sure to wake up with a dream, plan the day ahead and follow through…. Then, finally, sit back, relax and watch your dreams come to reality. They’ll come back and ask how you did it. 

On the reading part, I am reading an inspirational piece by John Maxwell titled “Make Today Count” and I am really enjoying every line of it.

Ps: this is me schooling myself, I do hope it works for you too



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