Wednesday’s Wisdom Word

So I saw a notification on my phone’s Facebook App and I decided to check up the latest update on my page this morning, lo and behold I saw the most explanatory and illustrative representation of man’s ability to build anything of himself. Care to see the picture too ? Don’t worry I will share, that is why I am here doing this.

Do you appreciate this work of art as I do ? I hope you do. Although I have always knew the truth of that statement, this artistic work completed any misunderstanding I might have had about the saying.

Good enough I know of a story of a young boy who illustrates man’s ability to build himself. He was Chinonzo Obiakor. Back then in school, he was the regular dullard you could ever know. He was so dull that I thought then that he did not literally know anything. The school I went to was actually one funny one so we have a way of making caricature of people of that sort as a way of getting them to be better. Thanks to sure proprietor.

This actually worked for this my dear friend. We went to the usual holidays and by the time we resumed, we had a different chinonzo. Without much hyping, this same dullard became the best student in all calculatory subjects.

He simply built himself to be a mathematical monster. I don’t really have an idea of what he did but I do know that he learnt all the functions of a calculator. Infact, he was always with one.

I am glad to let you know that this guy is now a graduate today with a degree in mechanical engineering.

What is the import of this story? It is just one, nothing is impossible. If you have been somehow disadvantaged in education, you can equal up or even outlive any hindrance. It is up to you ! You can make it in school ! You can make it any where! Remember, you are the sculptor of your future! You are the architect of your own realities!

To your success.


P.S : Names have been changed.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wisdom Word

  1. Nice piece there bro….we become limitless with abilities, when we care to know who we really are and want to be,no one as that choice than ourselves.. Really proud of what you have come up with…
    Best wishes.!!!


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