Thursday Talk – The sanctuary 2

Sometime ago, a guest writer dropped a great article on this blog about seeking for sanctuaries as students. He explained the idea of sanctuaries, it importance and the many places one can find it. On a concluding note, the writer introduced writing on ways in which students can strike a balance in school in our next Thursday’s talk series.

N.B You can still read ” The sanctuary  1″ by clicking here 

Back to the matter, it is not uncommon to want to juggle so many things together as students and seek results in all these areas of your academic presence in school. So many things clamour for your attention that sometimes you will feel like literally being in 3 if not 4 places at a time. Maybe, if you had three hands it would have been better or if you have an extra 2 hours to the regular 24 hours day period it would have been fantastic. Academic works, social runs, spiritual obligations, relationship goals, work for some and on and on all want a bit of our precious time.

The truth is that you can achieve results in all these areas of life while at school only if you strike the right balance. How so ? Try following practical steps.

1. Enlist. 

Have a real list of things that you will like to do and achieve results in a given time period. The time period might be a day, a week, a month, a semester or even in a session. This list can be hand written or on your phone. This keeps your visions clear in mind. Remember to keep this list simple and as short as possible.

2. Prioritize.

In the order of importance to you, set a scale of preference as an economist would put it. Rearrange that list in the order of how important each activity on it is to you. The more important ones should definitely be at the top of this list. No doubt, as students, any academic activity should rank highest on your list.

3. Execute the ideas on that list like a soldier.

Yes all plans and no work will lead to no achievement, follow through! Stick to that schedule ! No compromises ! You will be glad you did.

4. Avoid time and energy wasters.

This is the most difficult thing to do as students. Avoid spending unnecessary times on anything that is not in sync with your over all objectives. This includes needless arguments, gossips, spending too much time at place idle and so on. The list is endless.

5. Be modest.

This simple quality helps a lot. It helps you avoid over doing stuffs. It help you avoid over thinking things. A lot was achieved before you were born. So put your ambitions in check and it will be way easier to keep your balance.


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      1. Thanks for visiting our blog and the compliment sir. We hope to see you some other time.

        Yea, good things are easier said than done but sometimes, one have to deliberately implement some attributes for the greater good.

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        Thanks once again.


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