Monday Motivational Moment 7.


My mum is a teacher. Glad to be sharing the same profession with her at least for some time. She has been a real source of insight as I swim the waters of a tedious profession. She has many ideas about education that sometimes I will think she is a professor in a university’s faculty of education. She will say, “travelling is a part of education”. Yea yea, mum you are perfectly right. How so ? 

The main reason why traveling is a part of education is that you learn new things about how life is and how people  do things differently in another area. Yes, that is travelling for you. One example that well illustrate this is my most recent sojourn to a remote area in kwara state, Basita. 

After a tiring journey, I was about to feast on an eye catching dinner served by my host. I was supposed to wash my evidently dirty hands before feeding, an activity for which a bowl of water was provided. I dipped my hands inside the bowl only for me to immediately remove it again. Why ? Inside the bowl was warm water. I was real surprised about that. So I asked my host ” are you sure this water is for washing hands or making of tea? She laughed and answered ” It is for washing of hands “. It was then my knowledge of microorganisms while in school dawned on me. Dirts and microorganisms don’t do well in warm or hot environments. Warm water is antimicrobial. I guess you can pick the lesson from there without dwelling much on it.
Another one is that travelling is a form of exposure. One get exposed to various people, cultures, ideas, thinking and so on. So many schools today go on travels in a form of excursion to learn new things. If it were not a part of education, they won’t invest so much time and energy into such endeavors.

Why not make it a plan to travel to places you have never been to learn new things? You don’t need to earn or have big to do such. You can escape for only a day or two. You can go to nearby places until you are capable of going on distant or overseas travels. If you do, you will be glad you did.

Blessed week ahead.


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