Monday Motivational Moments….. Creating Values…. Getting known for something.

Prof. Wole Soyinka, Prof. Isaq Oloyede, Chike Obi, Prof. Dibu Ojerinde, Linda Ikeji and so on and so forth. Do these names ring any bells to you ? Probably they do. These are all people dead or alive who have gotten known for something. They are people who have picked a part of life and created a value there.

Does it really mattered what or which area of calling they chose ? No, not really. What really mattered was that they chose something and created a positive value there in. No wonder, when you hear a Nobel Laurel as a Nigerian, you instantly think of Prof. Woke Soyinka. People have really distinguished themselves that whenever you hear their professions, you immediately remember them. That is where Linda Ikeji comes in. Can you really mention blogging without mentioning my mentor’s name ? I don’t think so. I beg to mention Prof. Oloyede too, the man I reckon as a pacesetter in the management of educational institutions in the country.

What is my point ? My Point simply is Choose a field in life that you will like to be known for and create values there in. Your choice is yours. It should be something you enjoy doing. Something that keeps your adrenaline flowing. Something that you will be doing if money were not to be a problem. Until you find that singular thing, don’t settle for anything less. And when you do, never settle for anything than excellence. I repeat, never settle for anything other than excellence.
I have found mine. Have you found yours ? 

To yours.



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