Wednesdays Wisdom Word

Give a child  a fish, you have fed him for a few moment but try teaching him how to catch a fish, you will end up feeding him forever.

This saying is quite a wise one. No wonder some wise people would inquire that you teach them a certain way to make money instead of asking you to give them money outrightly. 

Interestly, this saying applies to a much more important group of people, the children. A child comes home from school, you picked him up and asked him about his assignments. He gave them to you and you helped him do it on your own without teaching him how you did it, you have ended up giving him a fish.

Does this mean you don’t like your ward ? No it doesn’t. After all, you gave him a good gift, that of your time and you still gave him help. You have tried. But you can do better. You can like him much more. How so ?

Let’s repaint the scenario and see a better response. You asked for your ward’s assignments and he gave them to you. You then taught him how to do it on a separate paper and he did it himself. Or better, you did it together as a collaboration.

Of the two ways, which one is better ? Definitely the second. How has this parent shown that he loved his child much more ? By not doing the assignment alone when the ward is not there. By teaching the child how it is done so that if he is asked the same questions, he will be able to answer effectively. Or what is the purpose of assignments? Is it not to evaluate students understanding of a certain subject matter? How will this purpose be realised if parents were to help their kids with their assignments alone?  Remember, if you give a boy a fish, you have satisfied him for a few moments but if you teach him how to fish, you will end up feeding him forever or even the future generation.

To better orientation towards assignments.

P.S : Note my usage of the word Parent. This is an intentional effort to pass the message that guiding the children to do their assignments is not only a mother’s responsibility but both parents responsibility.


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