Thursdays Talk


Yea.. I am a social media lover. I like staying online to be able to get access to good information, quality entertainment and of course share my ideas with the world at large. To this end, I follow lot of persons and organizations who I believe have something cool to offer me. One of such is only_1 in Africa comedy line. You guys are really trying. Good work you are doing. 

But yesterday I saw something on the page that I really really disagree with. Although I am not supposed to take you guys seriously  I am deciding to. I am choosing to because the Yorubas will like it is from playful moments that one will know people’s real mindset.

On your page yesterday was something like education used to be important until graduates started working for illiterates. I beg to disagree. I am of the opinion that education is still very very important. 

I know you probably have a long list of people who have gone on to make it in life without a proper education. Yes you are right. I know a few too. Success in life is actually not about the grades. It is about attitudes, things one can get without a formal education. But does that mean education is not important to success ? No, not at all. Have you really seen an educated millionaire and a non educated one ? You will agree with me that there is always a difference. Education gives you a difference and the illiterate millionaires know it. No wonder, a good number of them go on to complete their education even after they have gotten the money they so crave. If education were not important, why would they do such?

Another cool thing about education is that it opens the man mind and inspires it to action. Give a completely educated man a task and see him complete it with competence. The only problem nowadays is that educationists nowadays have forgotten a principal objective of education is to inspire the spirit of enquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership. If only these parts of education were addressed, you will never see graduates working for illiterates.

To change in the education system.


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