Monday Motivational Moment…. Reaching your full potential.

​Yes, reaching your full potential. What does the word “potential” mean in the first place? When used in this context, potential is one’s ability to do something. Added with the word “full”, it means one’s ability to successfully achieve various things. 

As Students, it means being an all round success: academically sound, morally upright, tight in business if possible, socially acceptable and using your talents and developing them which might not be seen in  your primary course of study. It might even mean trying new things.

I am currently reading “Think Big”, a book written by the great neurosurgeon himself, Ben Carson. Get the point? You are an history student does not mean you can not flex your muscles in web development. Actualizing your full potential require you to diversify. You can do well in just any field. Remember Falz, the bad guy, Jenifa? They are lawyers by course of study for crying out loud!!! But what do we know them for today? Law ? Not at all. 

Here is another good example, Mr Ayodele Odiameh Alle is a microbiologist but developed his ability to convey his thoughts in writing good poems. Although strictly on a passion level here, he has written too numerous poems that I can’t really count. As a comment on his recent poem entitled ” Suspicion ” which will be published on our blog, later in the day, he will tell you more about himself, where you can view his works and anything he has for us.

Remember,again, you can reach your full potential only if you diversify!


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