You felt you’d done enough

You thought you’ve earned their trust

You scaled every hurdle

Still all effort was lost

From peering eyes

To whispering talk

From heaves and sighs

To stern looks and diffusing rumours.

“Is this it?”  You wonder

The once revered golden boy

By murmurings has been dissected

And his honour dismembered

As the parts of a rejected toy.

You decipher not the essence

Work yourself to ground

Just for a good name

Only for people around

To make slitting remarks, defaming comments

Point-shaped arrows

That thanks to God

Hit your shield of self-assuredness,

Yes self confidence

In your moral innocence

P.S : Written by Ayodele Alle Odiameh

         Graphics by Ayodele Alle Odiameh

         Published by Ogunleye Akinola Alex


4 thoughts on “SUSPICION

  1. I am Alle Odhiameh Ayodele. Poet, writer and everything in between. Poetry for me is my reality-check. Every poem I’ve written till date has emanated from experiences I’ve had and has helped me gain wider a perspective to life as it is, not as it should be. I’m sure you’ll easily relate to my poems. If you liked reading this poem, and would like to read more, please go to Thank you.

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