Self Education offers greater wealth than Formal Education.

Even in class, I use to tell students that they can learn far much more on their own. The reason for saying this is that teachers are bounded by curriculums whereas students are not. They can explore various learning aids on their own hence learn more. Another reason why students can learn far much more on their own is that a teacher is limited to just 40 minutes per period whereas students have the luxury of personal time to learn. Get the point? It all boils down to creating quality and quantity personal time to educate oneself, to learn on one’s own, to teach oneself and to benefit oneself definitely. Self education to me is far more important than formal education.

Another thing is that attitude they do say is a small thing that makes a big difference. In as much as Modern Schools try to include moral discipline as a part of their daily activities, greater responsibility still lie on the student’s hands to create good attitudes for success. Of course, no one can force the spirit of diligence or commitment if the student have decided otherwise. Self Education is truly very important.

We do hear Self development, Self Motivation, Building oneself etc. These are all things that even formal educators do stress. If they are of the opinion that formal education is the ultimate when it comes to success, do you think they will still be advocating self education again ? Formal education is indeed very essential.

Finally, I will mention just two Nigerians that self education have benefitted more than formal education. They are popularly known as Falz, the bad guy and Jenifa. They are both lawyers by formal education but comedy actors by way of life. Which have benefited them more? I guess i will leave you to answer that question.

Want to be successful? Create time for self education.

Great week ahead.


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