The Law of Attraction- it works a lot.

It has been a long time since I came across this law on the pages of a book. I have actually forgotten the title of the book but I can’t possibly forget it’s content. I have also seen it on video in one documentary entitled “The secret”.

I have no doubt of the authenticity of that law just that I have not seen it worked the way it worked last night. So I was hanging out with a friend in a bar last night discussing about Life in general. We were sharing ideas, events, plans and all of that.

But something was missing, there were no drinks on the table. There had to be. The only problem was that this was not part of the week’s budget. So how do I put in this on an already thinning resources? All these were bothering on my mind as I discussed with my friend. I was deciding for and against buying a drink. 

Just when I was about making a decision to buy, I received a beckon from the table opposite me. The man who beckoned at me had a business proposal for me. He probably have heard about what I do from his girlfriend just beside him. We talked small on what he wanted and exchanged contacts. As a way of starting what was to be a relationship, he offered to get a drink for my friend and I, Just what I have wanted and attracted! It was not until then that I remembered the law of attraction.

It had worked just the way the book and video said it would! I strongly believe that “As a man thinketh, so he is!” 

How can you benefit from this revelation? It is really simple. Just what do you want out of your education? Get the answer to that question. Visualize yourself getting that which you so much want from your education. Set concrete plans to get that and make a resolve not to back off until you reach your destination. It is that simple. Do this and you can attract and achieve almost anything with your education!




2 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction- it works a lot.

  1. Indeed,its a secret, a revelation that works.
    Have tried it many times.
    That goes to stress, what and who you choose to discuss and be with…
    Keep it coming!!

    Liked by 1 person

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