Yeah yeah… Part of the things I suggest students do over the weekend is to see a movie. Trivial as that seems, it really is a great opportunity to learn new things. Did I just typed just “new things” ? No, I actually intended to type “great new things”. 

I once read somewhere that films are interpretations of what happens in reality in places. True, no wonder we have a good idea of the western culture without actually ever stepping on any western country. Films are indeed eye openers.

I am seeing a movie presently titled ” Dope “. Here is the cover:

Although as I am typing I am not yet through with it, on the very first interface of the movie I learnt the different usage of the word, dope.

Here is the screenshot of the interface:


P.S : Which film have you seen this weekend? If no, try and see one. And don’t forget to learn something new.