Monday Motivational Moment.

Thinking of going back to school? Move forward with confidence!

What if it is too hard?

I am going to push through.

What if it is too rough?

I am going to push through.

What if it is too tough? 

I am going to push through.

What if I am just too young ?

That is not true!

What if I am not good enough ?

That is not true!

Why ?

Because I can do anything I put my mind to.

I believe in myself  **chins up**

I believe in myself **head high**


Because I push through anything I put my mind to.


The bizarrest School Love Story I have ever seen!

​The next French President is 39 years old. 

But that is not the news. 
He is married to a 64 year-old, that is still not the news. 

His wife was his class teacher 24 years ago…not still the news. 

His then class teacher had a daughter who was his class-mate…everybody including his parents thought this teacher’s daughter was his girlfriend…nope they were wrong. 

He fell in love with his class teacher when he was 15…she was “happily married” with 3 kids…now the “happily married” is relative in this context. 

At 17, he promised to marry her. She was at the time 42 years. 

They got married in 2007 with our man now 30…well she was almost 55. 

Next month he is going to be sworn-in as the President of France 6 months to his 40th birthday while his lovely wife who has 3 adult kids and 7 grandchildren (her first child is two years older than her husband while her second child, the former classmate/sweetheart is the same age as him). 

His name is Emmanuel Macron (39) and he is the next President of France.

Monday Motivational Moment (MMM3) 

I initially had thought that this piece will motivate one alone. It was not until I read it again in Ben Carson’s “Think Big” that I know that it is also a wise saying.

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Today on MMM, I wish to share with you the commonest of all mottos used in schools. So common is this motto that you can’t go to any state in Nigeria without finding a school with this motto. I even saw it as university motto in recent times

The motto is : “Knowledge is power”.This is indeed a simple but very meaningful sentence. Infact it is enough to motivate one to seek knowledge. A man with physical strength is powerful, a man with emotional strength is more powerful but a man with knowledge is the most powerful of them all.

How powerful is knowledge? Knowledge is likened to a key to a lock. If one has the strength alone, can one open a locked door without breaking it? If one has the key but does not know how to use it, can one open the door? Do doors…

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Examination Things 

Yes, I have to reblog this for the guys and girls writing their terminal examinations. Here are tips on how to prepare for your examinations. This is the little we have. Thanks

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Been a while followers of my blog… Really sorry of my inactivity. Thank God I am back anyway.. So how has been your academics? I hope it has been Great..Well, this post is for secondary and primary school students who are most likely either starting examinations today or preparing very soon for their examinations. I want to share with you good tips for your success in any examination.

  1. Although, you should have been preparing for the examinations since like three weeks ago, a night before every examinations is the best time for revision . Go over your notes once more, try and recap what you have read and make sure you write them down. Findings show that you tend to remember things that you wrote out off hand because you know them . The best time to do this is before you sleep at the hour of 10 00 pm.

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Wednesdays Wisdom Word…. The world of books.

I am currently reading this book and it has been really really amazing. Though it is an old book, it will always be a tight one.

I beg to share with you an excerpt I saw in the book on page 20 of it. It reads:

 The world of books is the most remarkable creation of man; nothing else that he builds ever lasts. Monuments fall, nations perish, civilizations grow old and die out. After an era of darkness, new races build others; but in the world of books are volumes that live on still as young and fresh as the day they were written, still telling men’s hearts of the hearts of men centuries dead “.                                                                     – Clarence Day.

Reading this excerpt from the book made me know that the age of a book does not matter but it content matters a lot. So many you can gain from reading books, old or new that the writer, Dr Ben Carson also attested to it.

How many books have you read this year? How many books have you read in the past 90 days? 

Today I challenge you to read at least two books every month? Can you try ? I guess you can if you will.



Thursday, 13th March, 2017
Foods and Nutrition 3 (Practical) 3hrs

Home Management 3 (Practical ) 3hrs

Wednesday,22nd March, 2017

Technical Drawing 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.15am

Technical Drawing 1 (Objective) 10.15am � 11.15am

Health Science 3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 2.00pm � 3.45pm

Health Education 3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 2.00pm �3.45pm

Thursday, 23rd March, 2017

Fisheries (Alternative B) 2(Essay)

Fisheries (Alternative B) 1 (Objective)

Tuesday, 28th March, 2017

Foods and Nutrition 2 (Essay) 08.30am� 09.45am

Foods and Nutrition 1 (Objective) 09.45am � 10.45am

Home Management 2 (Essay) 1.00pm � 2.00pm

Home Management 1 (Objective) 2.00am � 3.00pm

Wednesday, 29th March, 2017

History 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

History 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Friday, 31st March, 2017

Data Processing 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Data Processing 1 (Objective) 10.30am� 11.30am

Monday, 3rd April, 2017

Igbo 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Igbo 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Hausa 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Hausa 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Yoruba 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Yoruba 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Civic Education 2 (Essay) 1.00pm. � 3.00pm

Civic Education 1 (Objective) 3.00pm � 4.00pm

Tuesday, 4th April, 2017

Physics 3 (Practical Alternative A) 08.30am � 11.15am (1st Set)

Physics 3 (Practical Alternative A) 11.40am � 2.25pm (2nd Set)============================


Wednesday, 5th April, 2017

Literature-In-English 2 (Prose) 08.30am� 09.45am

Literature-In-English 1 (Objective) 09.45am � 10.45am

Geography 2 (Essay) 1.00pm � 3.00pm

Geography 1(Objective) 3.00 pm. � 4.00pm

Thursday, 6th April, 2017

Physics 3 (Practical Alternative B) 08.30am � 11.15am (1st Set)

Physics 3 (Practical Alternative B) 11.40am � 2.25pm (2ndSet)

Health Science 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.00am

Health Science 1 (Objective) 10.00am � 11.00am

Health Education 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.00am

Health Education 1 (Objective) 10.00am �11.00am

Monday, 10th April, 2017

Physics 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.00am

Physics 1 (Objective) 10.00 am � 11.15am

Geography 3(Practical and Physical Geography) 1.00am-2.50pm


Tuesday, 11th April, 2017

Chemistry 3 (Practical Alternative A) 08.30am � 10.30am (1st Set)

Chemistry 3 (Practical Alternative A) 11.00am � 1.00pm (2nd Set)============================
Wednesday, 12th April, 2017

Government 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Government 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Thursday, 13th April, 2017

English Language 2(Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

English Language 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

English Language 3 (Test of Orals) 2.00pm � 2.45pm

Tuesday, 18th April, 2017

Christian Religious Studies 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Christian Religious Studies 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Islamic Studies 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Islamic Studies 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am

Chemistry 2 (Essay) 1.00pm. � 3.00pm

Chemistry 1 (Objective) 3.00pm � 4.00pm

Wednesday, 19thApril, 2017

Financial Accounting 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 11.00am

Financial Accounting 1 (Objective) 11.00am � 12.00pm

Biology 2 (Essay) 1.00pm. � 2.40pm

Biology 1 (Objective) 2.40pm � 3.30pm



Thursday, 20th April, 2017

General Mathematics (Core) 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 11.00am

General Mathematics (Core) 1 (Objective) 1.00am � 2.30pm



Friday, 21stApril, 2017

Agricultural Science 3 (Practical) 08.30am � 10.00am (1st Set)

Agricultural Science 3 (Practical) 10.30am � 12.00am (2nd Set)============================
Monday, 24th April, 2017

Economics 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Economics 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.30am



Tuesday, 25th April, 2017

Chemistry 3 (Practical Alternative B) 08.30am� 10.30am (1st Set)

Chemistry 3 (Practical Alternative B) 11.00am � 13.00am (2nd Set)===========================
Wednesday, 26th April, 2017

Biology 3 (Practical Alternative A) 08.30am � 10.30am (1st Set)

Biology 3 (Practical Alternative A) 11.00am � 1.00pm (2nd Set)

Literature-In-English 3(Drama & Poetry)1.00pm � 3.30pm


Thursday, 27th April, 2017

Computer Studies 3 (Practical) 08.30am � 10.30am (1st Set)

Computer Studies 3 (Practical) 11.00am � 1.00pm (2ndSet)

Upholstery 2 (Essay) 1.00pm � 2.00pm

Upholstery 1 (Objective) 2.00pm � 3.00pm


Friday, 28th April, 2017

Agricultural Science 2 (Essay) 08.30am� 10.40am

Agricultural Science 1 (Objective) 10.40am � 11.30am


Tuesday, 2nd May, 2017

Bookkeeping 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.20am

Bookkeeping 1 (Objective) 10.20am � 11.00am

Store Keeping 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.20am

Store Keeping 1 (Objective) 10.20am � 11.00am

Tourism 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.20am

Tourism 1 (Objective) 10.20am � 11.00am

Mining 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.20am

Mining 1 (Objective) 10.20am � 11.00am

Office Practice 2 (Essay)08.30am � 10.20am

Office Practice 1 (Objective) 10.20am �11.00am


Wednesday, 3rd May, 2017

Animal Husbandry (Alternative B Practical 3)8.30am � 10.00am(1st Set)

Animal Husbandry (Alternative B Practical 3)10.30am� 12.00pm (2nd Set)

Commerce 2 (Essay) 1.00pm. � 3.00pmCommerce 1 (Objective) 3.00pm� 3.50pm


Thursday, 4th May, 2017

Cosmetology 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 09.50am

Cosmetology 1 (Objective) 09.50am � 10.30am

Dyeing and Bleaching 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.10am

Dyeing and Bleaching 1 (Objective) 10.10am � 10.55am.

Animal Husbandry (Alternative B) 2 (Essay)1.00pm � 3.00pm

Animal Husbandry (Alternative B) 1 (Objective)3.00pm � 3.40pm.

Store Management 2 (Essay) 1.00pm �3.00pm

Store Management 1 (Objective)3.15pm � 4.00pm

Photography 2 (Essay) 1.00pm � 3.00pm

Photography 1 (Objective) 3.15pm � 4.00pm

Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work 2 (Essay)1.00pm � 3.15pm

Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work 1 (Objective)3.15pm -4.00pm

Friday, 5th May, 2017

Catering Craft Practice 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 09.20am

Catering Craft Practice 1 (Objective) 09.20am � 10.00am

Catering Craft(Alternative to Practical Work 3)11.00am. � 11.40am

Marketing 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Marketing 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.20am

Salesmanship 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 10.30am

Salesmanship 1 (Objective) 10.30am � 11.20am

Insurance 2 (Essay) 2.00pm -3.00pmInsurance 1 (Objective) 3.00pm -4.50pm

Monday, 8th May, 2017

Fisheries 3(Alternative to Practical B) 08.30am � 10.30am (1st Set)

Fisheries 3(Alternative to Practical B) 11.00am � 1.00pm (2nd Set)

Welding & Fabrication Engineering Craft Practice 3 (Practical)08.30am�11.40am (1st Set)Welding & Fabrication Engineering Craft Practice 3 (Practical)12.00pm�3.10pm(2nd Set)==============
Wednesday, 10th May, 2017French 2 (Essay) 08.30am � 09.45am

French 1 (Objective) 09.45am � 10.45am

Thursday, 11th May, 2017

Dyeing and Bleaching 3 (Practical) 08.30am � 1.00pm (1st Set)

Dyeing and Bleaching 3 (Practical)



You felt you’d done enough

You thought you’ve earned their trust

You scaled every hurdle

Still all effort was lost

From peering eyes

To whispering talk

From heaves and sighs

To stern looks and diffusing rumours.

“Is this it?”  You wonder

The once revered golden boy

By murmurings has been dissected

And his honour dismembered

As the parts of a rejected toy.

You decipher not the essence

Work yourself to ground

Just for a good name

Only for people around

To make slitting remarks, defaming comments

Point-shaped arrows

That thanks to God

Hit your shield of self-assuredness,

Yes self confidence

In your moral innocence

P.S : Written by Ayodele Alle Odiameh

         Graphics by Ayodele Alle Odiameh

         Published by Ogunleye Akinola Alex